Build a writing habit in 30 days.

A 30-day program to writing consistently and turning overthinking into action.

Find your voice and develop a unique style that blends your natural speaking voice with your writing voice.

Write consistently and follow a reliable writing system for producing consistent results every day.

Double your writing speed and write twice as fast with simple tricks for increasing your output.

Build a writing habit in 30 days.

When you have a daily writing habit, you become an unstoppable force.

You know you should write, but you just don’t get around to doing it. It’s time to change that.

One of the most valuable things you can do for your career is build a writing habit.

Everything you want to do starts with writing.

Writing is the fuel for all other mediums:

  • Want to make a film? Write.
  • Want to sell products? Write.
  • Want to record a song? Write.
  • Want to author a book? Write.
  • Want to present a speech? Write.
  • Want to produce a podcast? Write.
  • Want to teach an online course? Write.
  • Want to shoot a compelling video? Write.

What if you finally wrote that book?

What if you finally launched that course?

Write consistently and stay on track.

You’ve tried to build a writing habit before. You wrote for a while but then you fell off the bandwagon.

Why is it so hard to write consistently?

You know if you had a regular writing practice it would boost your career, but you can’t seem to get it to stick.

Maybe you feel like this:

Setting aside time every day to write and sticking to it is difficult.”

So long as writing is a thing you “try” to do every day whenever you can, you’re going to have trouble.

You need a reliable writing system so you can produce consistent results.

Hey, you on the fence. If you’ve ever wanted to fix shortcomings you THINK you have as a writer or communicator, you should check out 30 Days to Better Writing.

Having a regular time each day to listen to your thoughts and practice putting them into words is a solid practice we don’t refine anymore.

The courses you took when you were in school aren’t going to help you go the extra mile to publish what you want to publish. Do something about it now, and do it with something that will get you results.

30 Days to Better Writing. That’s one month, thirty minutes each day. It’s doable. I did it and I love doing it so much I’m going to do it several times over.

Jenny Famularcano
30 Days to Better Writing Testimonial

Overcome resistance and eliminate writer’s block.

Which is harder: actually sitting down to write or getting words on the page?

Trick question—they’re both difficult.

Some say “starting is half the battle,” but even if that’s true, there’s still the other half of the battle!

Even if you finally manage to sit down to write, facing the blinking cursor on a blank page is daunting.

It’s so easy to put off writing for later, but you know how it goes: “later” becomes “never”, and then you don’t write.

Procrastination will ensure you never get words on the page.

You know you should write, but you don’t. You feel stuck and don’t know where to begin even trying to build a writing habit.

Then there’s your chronic case of perfectionism. It’s a challenge to get words out of your head and, when you do, they’re the wrong words.

You wish you could come up with the right words.

“When I write, the words don’t sound like myself.”

Do you ever look at your writing and think, “Who wrote that?”

It’s like you have two different selves. If you read what you wrote out loud, it sounds completely foreign.

Who even is this? It sounds nothing like me.

You wish you could write as naturally as you talk. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could read what you wrote and have it sound like you’re speaking naturally?

You know the solution is to “write like you talk” (I call it your “hybrid voice”), but how in the world do you write like you talk?

Part of the problem is not knowing the right way to practice, but it’s also not knowing what to talk about.

30 days and 46,470 words later, writing became something that I do everyday, instead of a task on my calendar. This habit grew my audience, my business, and myself as a person.

I am confident you will profit from this course.

Robin Cuypers
30 Days to Better Writing Testimonial

No idea what to write about?

The cursor blinks on the blank page as if it were tapping impatiently.

Come on… don’t you have anything to say?

You felt inspired in a general sense, but now that you’ve sat down to write, nothing is happening. You’re coming up with nothing. Your mind feels blank.

This is ridiculous. Why is writing so hard? Why do I have nothing to say the moment I sit down to write?

How is it you can feel inspired and still be unable to write a single word?

It’s so frustrating.

At this point, you wish someone else would just tell you what to write about. At least then you’d have clear direction.

Nothing valuable to say?

There are plenty of reasons to write, but there are just as many reasons keeping you paralyzed:

  • Who are you to say?
  • Who will listen to you?
  • You know you’re just an imposter.
  • Are you even writing the right things?
  • You don’t know what you’re talking about.
  • There are many people who know more than you.

With messages like those going through your head, do you even stand a chance?

These thoughts aren’t true, but they can still hold you back.

In a world of billions of people, it can feel like you don’t have anything valuable to say, that your ideas aren’t original, and your contribution doesn’t matter.

This course is about so much more than writing. It’s about teaching yourself to do something that feels big and hard in a series of small practical steps.

By the end, you’ll have more confidence in your writing, a host of new tools in your toolkit, and a heck of a lot more practice than you did before. Sometimes improving something is just about putting in the reps, and this course will teach you how to make sure you do – but with good form too.

This course has changed my life. The ripple effect of doing this work has touched nearly every area of my life, almost effortlessly.

Within a week of starting this, I stopped working nights, resting better, and spending more time with my family. I get more done in less time and I’m happier. Oh – and I write better and more often too.

I’m much more productive. I’m putting out new content weekly, I’ve outlined a course, I have finally done things that took me months or longer to deal with before. I no longer feel so precious about every piece of content I put out.

Content buffer for the first time in my life? Check. Weekly blog posts? Check. Literally hundreds of content ideas? Check. A bunch of ways to get myself un-stuck, should I ever feel stuck again? Check.

It seems silly to say that the 30 Days to Better Writing course changed my life, and changed more than my writing when it’s about writing, but that’s what it has done.

Total words written: 31,090

Lynne Somerman
30 Days to Better Writing Testimonial

Find your own unique voice.

Does your writing feel authentically you or more like you’re writing in someone else’s voice?

Over time, you’ll develop a more natural style of writing that feels unique to you. But it won’t happen automatically. There are purposeful ways to fuse your natural speaking voice with your writing voice.

When you learn how to develop your unique voice, you’ll finally feel like yourself and the words you write will look like your own.

You’ll no longer feel like you’re writing in someone else’s voice.

Introducing 30 Days to Better Writing.

This writing course has helped hundreds of students build a writing habit in 30 days.

This course will take the thinking out of building a writing habit.

Read a short lesson each day and follow the writing prompts. It’s that simple.

Writing has never been this easy.

It’s like magic. You didn’t know you had it in you, but suddenly you’re writing every single day!

  • Read the lesson (less than 5 minutes).
  • Follow the prompt (write for 20 minutes).
  • Take the quiz (solidify what you learned).

Give me 30 days, and I’ll give you a writing habit.

Are you up to the challenge?

Since taking 30 Days to Better Writing, the clarity of my thoughts has improved dramatically. It’s given me better direction for my design and photography business.

Having more clarity allows me to focus more on the task at hand. This stronger ability to focus allows me to generate better quality ideas.

Lastly, writing has actually helped me become more extroverted in social situations. I am naturally an introvert, so I often struggle to get my ideas across when I’m engaging with an extrovert. But, writing every day has helped my thought process so much that I am now able to better articulate my thoughts with more extroverted personalities.

The results I’ve seen:

  • Clarity of thoughts has improved
  • Better quality of ideas
  • More clearly defined direction in life
  • Thought process has become more goal focused
  • Easier to articulate my ideas in social situations
  • My ability to focus has increased

I would definitely recommend 30 Days to Better Writing and I have already recommended it to multiple people. 30 Days to Better Writing will give you the clarity and focus you need to accomplish your goals.

Total words written: 26,075

Justin Hernandez
30 Days to Better Writing Testimonial

Follow a proven structure for writing consistently.

I regularly see students write 30,000, 40,000, 50,000 or more words as a result of going through the 30 Days to Better Writing course.

This is the kind of program you can go through again and again. Many students continue their daily writing habit for a year or longer. Others come back to take the course again when they’ve fallen out of their writing habit. It’s a great tool to get you back on track any time you need it.

It’s easy:

  • 30 days
  • 30 lessons
  • 30 minutes a day

Decide to make writing a priority. If you can set aside 30 minutes per day, I’ll take care of the rest. Trust the process, and in one month you’ll have a solid writing foundation.

Get 5 months of content in 5 minutes.

This is not a typo. I teach you my powerful method for generating 5 months’ worth of content in only 5 minutes.

This incredible method will enable you to create multi-part series spanning months at a time in just a few minutes. This works for:

  • Videos
  • Blog posts
  • Podcast episodes
  • Social media posts
  • Email newsletters

…and just about any kind of content you create.

No more scrambling at the last moment to finish your post.

No more late writing the night before your next post is due to publish.

Get ahead and get on top of things. Soon, you’ll be back in control.

This course will change your life. 30 Days to Better Writing is primarily about developing a writing habit, but I’ve found as I’ve shown up every day and committed to writing, I can do this with any other habit in my life.

30 Days to Better Writing has been so fantastic for me. It has helped me clarify my vision and goals for my work, find what to write about, develop ideas for courses, books, emails, blog posts, podcasts and so much more.

This course provides you tools to form good habits, and good habits can change your life.

My list now has topics for a solid month out of where I’m writing. I’ll never run out of topics to write ever again!

Now that I’ve finished this 30 days and successfully developed a writing habit, I feel confident that I can start other habits that may not even have anything to do with writing. This course helped me see that. I’ve also really pressed into writing being the source of everything. I now find myself taking time to write more before starting other projects. This gives me a better start and helps me form more concrete ideas before I begin.

Total words written: 40,030

Alex Sawyer
30 Days to Better Writing Testimonial

Double your writing speed—write twice as fast.

You have some bad habits you’re not even aware of that slow you down. Don’t worry, almost everyone does.

But once you’re aware of these bad habits (I share some tools and tricks for getting rid of them), your writing speed will go through the roof!

Here’s the crazy part:

You’ll write faster without increasing your typing speed.

You don’t have to be a fast typist to double your writing speed. I’ll show you how to remove the speed bumps from your writing process so you can write twice as fast.

Stop procrastinating and start writing today.

You know writing is the key to accelerating your business, your life, and your career. You understand the power of a consistent writing habit.

It’s just that you haven’t solved your procrastination.

This isn’t going to fix itself. You won’t magically wake up one day to find yourself writing.

Something has to happen. Something different.

You’re not going to write unless you make a change.

Get a solid writing structure in place. Commit to completing 30 Days to Better Writing and turn overthinking into action.

Don’t hit snooze and end up in the same place 30 days from now: no words written, discouraged, and unproductive.

Start today. Set aside just 30 minutes per day and you can have 30,000 words (or more) written by this time next month.

Course Content

Getting Started With Writing
  • Day 1: It All Starts With Writing
  • Day 2: Why You Don’t Have to Come Up With The Right Words
  • Day 3: Early Wake Daily Write
  • Day 4: Reading Minds With Your Content
  • Day 5: Creating an Editorial Calendar Easily
  • Day 6: Never Run Out of Topics Again
  • Day 7: Your First Blog Post
Improving Your Writing
  • Day 8: 1,000 Words a Day
  • Day 9: Eliminating Distractions
  • Day 10: Speed Up Your Writing and Find Your Flow
  • Day 11: Write Poorly (That’s a Command)
  • Day 12: The Focus Triangle
  • Day 13: Trouble Rambling Too Much or Not Elaborating Enough?
  • Day 14: Write Shorter Sentences
  • Day 15: Let Me Be Very Clear
  • Day 16: Use Simple Words
  • Day 17: Show Don’t Tell
  • Day 18: Develop Your Hybrid Voice
  • Day 19: Using Dictation to Write With Your Voice
Sharing Your Writing Online
  • Day 20: Personal Journaling or Public Blogging?
  • Day 21: Writing for the Short Attention Span of Internet Readers
  • Day 22: How to Write Headlines People Will Actually Click
  • Day 23: How to Sell in Everything You Write
  • Day 24: How Long Should Your Writing Be (Ideal Word Count)?
  • Day 25: How to Repurpose Your Writing
  • Day 26: Writing for a While and Not Seeing Results
  • Day 27: The Basics of Online Publishing
  • Day 28: Creating a Lead Magnet Fast
  • Day 29: Resources to Improve Your Writing
  • Day 30: Supercharge Your Writing

30 Days to Better Writing


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