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Talk to Clients With Confidence

Know the right things to say when talking with a client. Have confidence that you can deliver what your client needs and communicate effectively.

You’ll learn:

  • What to say when a client first approaches you.
  • How to ask the right questions to find good clients.
  • When to move on to the next stage of your process.
Make Money With Client Work

Avoid saying the wrong things and backing yourself into a corner.

When you know what to say and when to say it, you’ll be able to speak to clients with confidence and clearly communicate.

Present Yourself as a Professional

No longer be scared your client thinks you don’t know what you’re doing.

You already have everything it takes to be a professional, you just have to learn to conduct yourself properly.

It’s one thing to have the skills to do the work, but any technician can “do the work”.

You are a professional. You will go above and beyond to solve problems and help your clients reach their goals.

Create a Bulletproof Process

Create a Bulletproof Process

Every client is different, but some things should stay the same. Your process is the blueprint for doing your work and the key to consistently delivering high quality results.

You don’t have a process unless it’s written down.

You will leave this class with a written process for your work. I will guide you through the steps.

Each unique client project only feels nerve wracking now because you need to create a bulletproof process.

Get Time-Tested Contract Templates

This is the first time outside of my master classes where I’m giving you actual downloads of my contract templates.

Time-Tested Contract Templates

These are time-tested, lawyer-vetted contract templates.

I started doing client work over a decade ago. You can bet I made a lot of mistakes in the early days, but I never made the same mistake twice.

Any time I encountered a problem, I patched the holes in these contracts and processes.

Client Work Essentials

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Course Content
  • Module 1: Getting Started
    • Lesson 1: Setting Clear Goals
    • Lesson 2: Narrowing Your Focus
    • Lesson 3: Understanding Your Financial Situation
    • Lesson 4: Starting Your Business
    • Lesson 5: Adopting a Professional Mindset
  • Module 2: Creating Your Process
    • Lesson 1: Defining Your Ideal Client
    • Lesson 2: Avoiding Scarcity Mindset
    • Lesson 3: Identifying Red Flags
    • Lesson 4: Establishing a Process
    • Lesson 5: Communicating Effectively
  • Module 3: Contracts, Payment & Work
    • Lesson 1: Pricing Your Work
    • Lesson 2: Writing Your Contract
    • Lesson 3: Presenting a Proposal
    • Lesson 4: Getting Paid On Time
    • Lesson 5: Doing the Work
  • Module 4: Getting More Clients
    • Lesson 1: How-To Guide: Attracting Clients
    • Lesson 2: Creating Compelling Case Studies
    • Lesson 3: Getting Testimonials
    • Lesson 4: Over Delivering
    • Lesson 5: Transitioning to Full Time Client Work

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Is this class included with Gold Membership?

Yes! You can either enroll in this class by itself, or become a member and get access to this class as well as all of the other resources available with membership (a $2,273 value!). Learn more about membership »

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes! We confidently back this class with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, just contact us within 30 days of purchase, and we’ll refund your money.