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Your Hiring Problem Won’t Solve Itself Until You Make Time for It

I hate to break it to you, but you’re in a bad spot.

You have too much work and you’re scrambling every single day. You can barely keep up.

  • You know you need help.
  • You know you need someone on your team.
  • You know you could grow if only you delegated.

But you don’t because… what?

You can’t because… why?

I know exactly why:

You don’t have time to make this a priority.

When are you going to be tired enough of being tired to do something about it?

Your hiring problem is never going to fix itself.

You will run yourself into the ground before this problem fixes itself.

I know because I did it: I wasted many, many years with my head in the sand claiming I was too busy and didn’t have enough money or time to make this a priority.

Are you ready to grow and make something bigger than yourself?

Hiring Bootcamp: Get Back Your Time and Increase Your Freedom

Solve the problem of feeling stuck and overwhelmed
once and for all, and learn how to hire the help you need!


  • Know exactly who to hire first.
  • Avoid stupid mistakes when hiring.
  • Learn to work ON your business, not IN it.
  • Solve the problem of not enough money to hire.
  • Go from overwhelmed to feeling on top of things.

I wasted years as a small business owner because I didn’t learn from others’ mistakes.

That doesn’t have to be you.

3-Day Workshop

We hosted a live, 3-day workshop to help you—the small business owner—hire the help you need.

  • Session 1: Get Your Money Right, Find Your Business Model, and Figure Out What to Delegate
  • Session 2: Create Processes, Define Success, and Clarify Your Vision
  • Session 3: Find, Recruit, and Onboard Great People

The value of being a part of this community is insane.

Throughout this hiring bootcamp, I kept thinking, “Why have we not done this or thought about this?” It seems like a simple approach and the commonsense approach—especially as it pertains to processes.

But I feel as though, when I’m actively here in this community, it helps me focus on my business.

Great job team!

Antwan Edwards

We go deep on the struggles of hiring to help you break through your plateau.

Each session ranges from 1.5 to 2 hours in length.

You get access to recordings of all the sessions and full transcripts/show notes for each video.

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Course Content

  • Get Your Money Right, Find Your Business Model, and Figure Out What to Delegate
  • Create Processes, Define Success, and Clarify Your Vision
  • Find, Recruit, and Onboard Great People
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