Get paid in advance to make your next digital product.

Validate your product idea, make more money, and never launch to crickets again.

Validate your product idea and know you’re building something people will actually buy.

Make money up front and get paid in advance to make your next digital product.

Increase your revenue by employing proven launch methods that maximize sales.

Never worry again if people will buy.

It’s your worst nightmare: months of time and effort you’ve poured into creating your product all gone to waste.

You’re putting in overtime and pulling all-nighters leading up to your product launch, and THEN…



No sales.

Worse yet: you don’t even know where things went wrong. Where do you begin to figure out the problem?

You’re just plain exhausted and don’t have any energy left to try to fix things or attempt launching again.

There’s got to be a better way to make sure people will buy BEFORE you sink all of your time into making a product.

Validate your product idea.

Instead of wasting months of your life building something no one buys, what if you made sure ahead of time there was interest in what you wanted to sell?

No, you can’t just ask someone, “Would you buy this?”

The only way to truly validate your product is by getting someone to pull out their credit card.

It’s not enough if your friend says it’s a great idea.

It’s not enough if your mom says it sounds good.

It’s not enough if you get a comment saying, “I’d totally buy that! Count me in!”

The only way to validate is to PROCESS PAYMENT.

Get paid to make your next product.

Wait a minute…

How can you process payment if you haven’t even made the product yet?

Enter the wonderful world of Presale Profits.

It’s not a complicated idea: sell the product before you make it.

You’ve probably pre-ordered a book, a phone, some concert tickets, or an item on Kickstarter. It’s just like that!

But why would someone pay now when they could just pay later?

That’s where the launch methods come in. We need to use incentive strategies to give people a reason to buy NOW—even when your product does not yet exist!

For me, Presale Profits was a no-brainer choice—I launched a course in the past and things went wrong, so I needed a guide with fresh ideas on how to do it the right way.

The class gave me clarity about what to do step-by-step in order to have a profitable course, and a strategy to keep the profits coming in. It boosted my confidence to take what I have and turn it into a great product that people will buy upfront without doubt.

The value you receive with this class is incredible. You will feel the need to take action after the very first lesson, and when you reach the end in Session 4 you will have the roadmap to take you from launching to crickets to presale success!

Oscar Gil

Boost revenue with proven launch incentives.

You have to give people a reason to buy NOW, and there are many ways to do this. But if you use the wrong incentive strategies, you can create a lot of problems for yourself.

There are many methods marketers use to get people to buy now, but these tactics will cause problems for you later:

  • "Run a 20% sale with a coupon!"
    • Premise: Whenever you hit a slump in revenue, just put out a discount code on the nearest holiday and you’ll make some sales!
    • Problem: You’re no longer a premium brand, you’re a discount brand. You’ve devalued your product and trained your buyers to wait for sales. Now, they’ll never buy from you unless there’s a discount. You’ve trapped yourself.
    • Proposition: You need an alternative way to provide a DEAL for your customers by creating an offer that doesn’t devalue your product. (I’ll teach you how to do this in the Presale Profits class.)
  • "Provide a FREE bonus coaching call!"
    • Premise: To compel people to buy, offer to include a coaching call with you for the first X people who buy. That will get the sales going!
    • Problem: You’ve just liquidated the most valuable asset you have: your time. You are going to completely fill your calendar with appointments. Your launch will be over, but now you have obligations you must fulfill—and you won’t get paid for any of them.
    • Proposition: Avoid underselling your time, and instead find a way to leverage your time at scale—all while providing greater incentive for people to buy! (I’ll teach you how to do this in the Presale Profits class.)
  • "Limit the number of digital products available!"
    • Premise: Tell people there are only a certain number of units available (“Limited quantity: 50”) so people will scramble to grab theirs!
    • Problem: When it comes to digital products, everyone knows there’s virtually no overhead. The quantity isn’t really limited, that’s just a fake scarcity tactic employed by disingenuous marketers. People won’t buy.
    • Proposition: Find a way to deliver exclusivity while being 100% genuine—and at the same time, not spreading yourself too thin. There’s a way to overdeliver and treat your buyers like royalty—and you won’t have to spend extra time no matter how many sales you make (I’ll teach you how to do this in the Presale Profits class.)

The course gave me so much motivation and self-confidence about my future! I was so stressed out and couldn’t find a way to build my business and actually earn money. Presale Profits was exactly what I needed: Now I know how to do things the right way and in which order. I have motivation and energy and I am so glad to work on my business, which used to consume so much of my energy and leave me depressed!

The advice about how to start, the “Backwards-Building” technique, and The Expansion Framework are gold, and really opened up my mind. Please check out this class! You will learn how to do business and how to earn money the right way!

Linda Kruisman

Maximize profits and make sales the ethical way.

You don’t have to be the “sleazy marketer” or the “pushy salesman” to make money.

Learn the ethical, sensible alternative way to make sales.

If you hate selling, Presale Profits is for you. The strategies you learn will make it easy to bring in sales. These methods just work.

Don’t leave money on the table. Use the proven launch methods in Presale Profits to maximize revenue.

Sleep easy at night knowing you treated your customers like humans, not numbers. You’ll rest better when you know your heart (and your bank account) is full.

For those who are starting a new business and struggling to get things off the ground, investing in courses and personal development is a difficult proposition. Sean has consistently proven that his products provide more value than the cost of enrollment.

I found the course well-organized and practical. Sometimes, you can get inside of your own head so much that everything gets confusing and the next step feels so hard. Sean lays out simple steps for creating a profitable online business. I particularly loved the idea of creating a pre-launch focus group. This is such a simple-yet-ingenious way of putting your product in front of people to see how well it is received.

Each section of the course ended up feeling like my favorite. The content was A++. It went above and beyond my expectations. Starting off a business can feel scary and often you feel alone. This community and the way in which Sean teaches makes you feel like he is in your corner and “for you.” Thank you for teaching with humility and care.

Calvin Payne

Make a big splash with your next launch.

Take the guesswork out of launching.

  • ✅ Know the right price point.
  • ✅ Know the right emails to send.
  • ✅ Know the right message to use.
  • ✅ Know the right offer to present.
  • ✅ Know the right timeframe to launch.

These methods just work.

I’ve used this approach to sell small quantities and large quantities alike—from 4 sales in a launch to over 500 sales in a launch.

I’ve sold low-priced products and high-ticket products.

We use these methods with our own product launches. Here is a wide variety of examples to show you how this can look at different scales:

  • Value-Based Pricing Group Coaching Pilot Program ($4,500)
    • 6 sales
    • $18,000
  • 30 Days to Better Writing Course ($99)
    • 73 sales
    • $7,227
  • Client Work Essentials Class ($99)
    • 251 sales
    • $24,849
  • Value-Based Pricing Course ($2,500)
    • 25 sales
    • $50,000
  • Supercharge Your Writing Course ($997)
    • 55 sales
    • $54,835
  • Learn Lettering Course v1.0 ($29–$199)
    • ~500 sales
    • $81,412
  • Learn Lettering Course v2.0 ($0–$699)
    • 6,443 sales (includes free tier)
    • $177,803

Keep in mind, these are just the launch numbers. This doesn’t reflect the added revenue we bring in after an initial launch.

Whether we’re doing a small launch, such as a limited group coaching program, or a big launch to our whole list, the strategies work the same way.

It works with sub-$100 products just like it works with multi-thousand-dollar products.

I was hesitant to take Presale Profits because I don’t yet have a product! But, as a seanwes member, I had free access to the course, and I was excited about productizing more in my business.

I’ve had my own membership site and it’s a lot of work! I want to develop my bundle of products, and the discussions around price anchoring and The Expansion Framework helped me get clarity on what that roadmap looks like!

Working remotely, it can feel like I’m working alone in a silo. What’s great about Sean’s courses—and the conversations about them in the seanwes Community—is they help me think through things with a lot more clarity. They help reinforce what I already know and give me the confidence to keep shipping and moving forward.

I would highly recommend Presale Profits if you want more clarity in your business and want to productize!

Ricardo Bueno

In this class, you’ll learn how to…

  • Get paid in advance to make your next digital product.
  • Validate your product idea before you waste months of time.
  • Discover the right product to make without asking “Will you buy this?”
  • Boost launch sales with revenue multipliers.
  • Make a big splash and never launch to crickets again.
  • Create urgency without using false scarcity tactics.
  • Sell with integrity using an ethical sales approach.
  • Avoid being a “discount brand” and create premium positioning.
  • Stop feeling like a “sleazy marketer” or a “pushy salesman”.
  • Create the perfect offer at a no-brainer price point.
  • Make more money without resorting to discounts.
  • And much, much more.

I decided to join Presale Profits because I’d heard multiple times that it’s better not to waste time and money creating something that nobody wants… but I didn’t know how to go about creating the course after people sign up.

I loved learning about why creating a premium product experience is so much better than becoming a discount brand. I truly understand now that I must offer something better than my competitors can at a price that customers feel is a great deal. I’ve already increased the price of my book and seen sales go up.

I learned a ton from the Presale Profits course. Everything that was previously unexplained became so clear. I now have the knowledge, as well as the confidence, to move forward with launching the presale for my course.

Joe Slack

Presale Profits

Module and Lesson List

My addiction to “Learning Mode” rather than taking action almost prevented me from signing up. But I realized that it was worth the investment. The course helped me with my biggest struggle: getting customers to buy now! I also appreciated the way Sean distinguished between Premium Brands and Discount Brands.

As a result of Presale Profits, I now have an action plan and clarity on how to structure my program’s marketing and pricing. I also gained confidence that people are going to love my offer and take immediate action. The course gave me confirmation that I am going in the right direction, with an even better process.

Nir Sharabi

Presale Profits


FREE with seanwes membership

You can enroll in Presale Profits for $499.

But to make things more affordable, we’ve decided to include access to this course for FREE with seanwes membership.

Becoming a member gives you instant access to the full course. This is not a payment plan: you are free to cancel at any time. Membership gives you instant access to ALL of our programs (valued at over $7,500).

Sean always delivers, so there was very little keeping me from signing up. I loved the strategy for finding your pricing model. The logic and simplicity of Sean’s ideas make the hard parts easy.

Breaking down the pieces of a winning strategy gave me clarity. Too many times all I see is the big picture, and its size and complexity makes it too hard to take action. Presale Profits is what you need if you are going to make things.

Marshall Wells

I didn’t think I needed the course because I don’t have a product out right now. But I found the explanation on the theory of pre-sales and product development extremely helpful! The Expansion Framework “umbrella” and price-anchoring analogies showed me tangible ways to execute the material.

Presale Profits gave me a ton of clarity and new ideas. I totally recommend this course… and will go back and rewatch it! So much gold! Thank you!

Rita Feregrino


I haven’t made a product yet. Is this class for me?

✅ Yes! Now is the very best time to take the Presale Profits class. You don’t have to deal with having made the wrong product already. Instead, you can make sure to build the right product from the beginning—and get paid to do it!

I had a failed product launch. Is this class for me?

✅ Yes! Learn exactly why things went wrong, how to fix it, and what to do instead next time.

I don’t have a large audience. Is this class for me?

✅ Yes! You don’t have to have a ton of followers or a big email list. You can see in the examples above that you can make thousands of dollars with only a few sales of a high-ticket product. You can also make thousands of dollars with only a few dozen sales of a lower-priced product.

The main thing is validating your idea and finding product market fit. Then it’s a matter of coming up with a compelling offer so you can get paid up front.

I sell courses and other digital products. Is this class for me?

✅ Yes! You are the ideal candidate for the Presale Profits class.

I want to launch a membership site. Is this class for me?

✅ Yes! Everything in Presale Profits works for launching membership sites as well. I also have a dedicated lesson on how to maximize revenue when launching a brand new membership site.

Will I still learn things if I sell physical products?

✅ Yes! The principles we’ll cover apply to physical products just as much as digital products.

While this class focuses specifically on digital products, 80% of what you learn can apply to products of any kind.

I would recommend you take this class if you sell physical products and have an open mind.

I’m not even sure if I’m making the right product. Is this class for me?

✅ Yes! You will learn how to validate your product idea in the Presale Profits class.

What if I’m still not sure if this is right for me. Do you offer a Money Back Guarantee?

✅ Yes! We confidently back your purchase with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. We want you to dive in deep and experience the full wealth of this resource without inhibition.

If you’re not satisfied, just contact us within 30 days of purchase, and we’ll refund your money.

I wasn’t familiar with Sean’s products, but his approach to sales made the difference! It demonstrated Sean is loyal to his values and his brand.

The course showed me that I can launch a product I haven’t made yet—and how to make it excellent. My favourite part of the material was the discussion of “The Magic Pricing Tiers”… Also, the idea of having freemium products that are better than my competitors. Oh! And the idea of having free products that get customers to go through the process of making an account!

Wait! There’s also the whole “product ladder” idea of leading people from one product to the next.

Presale Profits changed my mindset, and that is really liberating. I now know “$10,000 is just a place to start”. I would most certainly recommend this course!

Erik Micheelsen

This class came right on time for me and helped me make some immediate changes that made an observable difference. I found easy, specific actions that I could take with very little effort.

I’ve been inspired to have a really high level of quality. I’m glad that my business is new and I don’t have to pivot: You’ve helped me to build something on a solid foundation. Totally worth it!

Daniel Shankin

Presale Profits


FREE with seanwes membership

You can enroll in Presale Profits for $499.

But to make things more affordable, we’ve decided to include access to this course for FREE with seanwes membership.

Becoming a member gives you instant access to the full course. This is not a payment plan: you are free to cancel at any time. Membership gives you instant access to ALL of our programs (valued at over $7,500).

There are so many actionable ideas and practical suggestions in this course that I just couldn’t not do something. The value was burning a hole in my mental pocket! I loved the encouragement and suggestions for pricing so that every hour of my time is worth more.

Don’t waste time making less than you should for the product you’re trying to sell. Learn to reset your mindset to provide more value to customers instead of cutting prices!

Kayla Kutemeier

This is a densely packed, very high-value course that provides a practical framework to create digital products and sell them. It will save me a lot of time when applied to my current business as an author.

The course is full of great advice that will save you a lot of time and give you a really good starting point. I particularly liked the “umbrella” strategy of building connected products that the customer can buy in increasing order of price and value.

Presale Profits teaches you how to research your content before launching, deliver great value (and make your offer a no-brainer), and earn even more money than you ever thought possible.

Peter Monien

At first, I didn’t think I’d be able to focus on the things I’d learn in this course—I had too many fires lit. But I realized that investing the money—and getting access to the Community—could help me focus.

The very first session of Presale Profits got me thinking about making a Kickstarter for a board game I’ve been working on for years. Now I’m sitting here writing priority lists of all the products I want to make!

I recommend this course whether you’re in my situation—still deciding what product to make—or whether you have a product already.

Daniel Viberg