What if You Finally Started Your Podcast?

You haven’t launched a podcast yet because you want everything to be perfect.

You haven’t started podcasting because you’re not sure if your show idea is good enough—or at least, that you could get it to the level of quality you think it deserves.

I get it.

Even though you really want to start podcasting, you’re holding yourself back. You’re worried it won’t be up to your standards at first. You don’t know if anyone will care. You don’t have any experience with recording or editing or mixing.

The whole process can feel overwhelming and confusing.

Let’s really think about this: Why haven’t you started?

  • Maybe you’ve lost sight of the big picture.
  • Maybe you don’t have a clear idea of where you’ll end up.
  • Maybe you aren’t sure you can get from where you are now to where you want to be.
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Podcasting Don’t Have to Feel Overwhelming

If podcasting feels like a enormous task, you’re not alone.

A lot goes into podcasting. Sure, once you have everything set up with the right systems in place, it can be a breeze. But until you do, it can feel overwhelming.

Do you find yourself wondering…

  • Is my podcast topic is too broad or too niche?
  • What gear should I buy?
  • What is the right USB interface to use?
  • How do I get my podcast into iTunes?
  • How do I get guests for my show—especially the famous people I’d like to talk to?
  • Where do I even begin with recording?
  • How do I record multiple people in the same room?
  • How do I record guests in different locations?

Podcasting can feel like a daunting task if you’ve never recorded and edited audio before.

You may worry that it’s going to take too much time each week, or that you’ll have a hard time finding guests.

Is it even worth the effort?

You Need a Podcasting System

What I’ve learned is that the thing holding most people back is the lack of a system.

When you’re trying to do something new that you’ve never done before, you have to start from scratch, figure it all out yourself, and spend a bunch of time.

Wouldn’t it be so much easier to have someone by your side guiding you through the entire process, step by step?

What if you had easy-to-follow tutorials that show you exactly what you need to do PLUS dedicated time with a guide to answers any questions you had?

You could spend weeks or months trying to figure it all out by yourself. You could browse Youtube for hours, wasting time on poorly made tutorials. But what if you miss something? What if you make a mistake? What if you don’t find what you need?

What if you don’t want to waste your time?

You’re worried about how your podcast sounds, but what about the sound of crickets when your launch doesn’t go well?

Or worse: What if you never launch your podcast at all?

I think that would be a shame.

I believe you have a message worth sharing, and I don’t want you to waste your time.

That’s why I put together a step-by-step process that brings all of my years of professional experience together to give you everything you need to launch a successful podcast.

“If you’re looking to start a podcast or improve the one you’re already doing, Aaron Dowd is the guy to help you. He is friendly and approachable, and an amazing resource.”


Mike Stanley

Successful Podcasting Is That System

My name is Aaron Dowd. I’ve been helping people make podcasts since 2012. I kept seeing people struggling with the process, running into same problems over and over. After writing tutorials and working as a freelancer podcast editor and producer for a few years, I decided to share everything I’d learned about making great podcasts.

Successful Podcasting is everything I’ve learned in my years of experience with podcasts and audio engineering crafted into one neat package.

This course will guide you through a step-by-step process for launching a successful podcast.

If you want to focus more on podcasting and less on procrastinating, this course is for you.

“Gosh I wish Aaron was around when I was just starting out and trying to find my way around in the dark. Aaron is a pro and knows this topic cold. Why didn’t he launch this earlier?”


Glenn Leibowitz

Who is Successful Podcasting for?

✅ If you HAVEN’T started your show, Successful Podcasting is for you!


✅ If you HAVE started your show, Successful Podcasting is for you!

But Is Successful Podcasting for ME?

If you can identify with ANY of the following, Successful Podcasting is for you.


  • Want to start a podcast.
  • Don’t know what your show should be about.
  • Have a show idea but you don’t know what gear to buy.
  • Already have a show and gear, but you want to take your sound to the next level.
  • Want to book interviews with amazing guests.
  • Have an amazing podcast but you want to learn how to edit episodes twice as fast.
  • Want to streamline the process so you can focus less on the technical stuff and more on making a great show.
  • Have a message to share but you struggle with finding the confidence to share it.
  • Feel confident about your podcast but you don’t feel like your audience is growing as fast as it should.
  • Are tired of digging through lots of different podcast tutorials and trying to fill in the gaps.
“Aaron’s talent for podcasting is all aces. He’s been a huge asset.”


Cameron Moll

Stop Procrastinating and Start Your Podcast Today!

If you want to be a confident podcaster with a great show, this course will help you get there. With Successful Podcasting, you’ll…

  • Get a step-by-step podcasting roadmap so you don’t ever feel stuck or confused again.
  • Learn which gear will give you professional sound without breaking the bank.
  • Get the confidence you need to launch your show.
  • Avoid the most common mistakes new podcasters make.
  • Get the guests you want for your podcast.
  • Attract new listeners to your podcast and grow your audience.
  • Streamline your recording process so you can produce episodes that sound great every time.
  • Edit your podcast quickly and save time.
  • Never run out of topic ideas again.
  • Learn to promote your show without feeling gross.
  • Make money with your podcast.

This course covers everything you need to know to create and launch a great podcast.

I’ll show you which microphone will give you the best sound quality for the money, how to record (and edit) multiple audio tracks, and how to get your podcast to sound as good as the professional podcasters.

I’ll also walk you through the steps of getting your podcast into iTunes, teach you how to grow a loyal and dedicated audience, how to improve your speaking voice and presentation, and so much more.

There’s no magic or rocket science involved in making a great podcast; it just takes a little know-how and the dedication to show up every week and make something awesome for your audience.

What’s Included With Successful Podcasting?

Here’s the full breakdown of what’s inside Successful Podcasting:

Successful Podcasting
Pilot Program

9 Modules, 64 Videos


1. Planning Your Podcast

  • How to Choose Your Podcast Topic
  • Defining Your Audience
  • Writing a Podcast Description That Attracts New Listeners
  • Choosing a Title for Your Podcast
  • Podcast Cover Art
  • Planning Your First Ten Episodes
  • How Many Episodes Should I Launch With?
  • Choosing the Right Music For Your Podcast
  • Choosing a Format
  • Solo Shows
  • Round Table or Co-host
  • Interviews
  • Story / Narrative
  • Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Co-host
  • How Long Should My Podcast Be?

2. Choosing Gear

  • Microphones and Interfaces
  • Accessories
  • Recording Multiple People in the Same Room
  • Portable Podcasting Setup
  • Recording and Editing Software and Why I Use Logic Pro X
  • Soundboard App

3. Pre-Show Preparation

  • How to Write Outlines for New Episodes
  • Naming Your Episodes to Attract New Listeners
  • How to Invite Guests to Be On Your Podcast
  • How to Get Great Audio From Your Guests (Double Enders and Skype Calls)
  • Choosing a Room to Record In

4. Recording Shows

  • Setting Up Your Gear
  • Setting Up Your Recording Software
  • Setting Input Gain Levels
  • Using Proper Mic Technique
  • Making a Test Recording
  • My 12-Step Pre-Show Checklist

5. Post-Production and Show Notes

  • What Should I Edit Out of My Podcast?
  • Tagging MP3 Files
  • Tagging with Tagr
  • Tagging with iTunes
  • Why Show Notes Are Crucial for Your Podcast’s Success
  • How to Attract New Listeners with Great Show Notes
  • Introduction to Markdown
  • Converting Markdown into HTML
  • Websites and File Hosting

6. Publishing Your Podcast

  • Getting Your Show Into iTunes
  • Testing Your RSS Feed
  • Submitting Your RSS Feed to iTunes
  • Submitting Your RSS Feed to Google Play

7. Promoting Your Show

  • Social Media
  • Email Newsletters
  • How to Talk About Your Podcast in Person
  • Promoting Your Podcast on Youtube
  • Inviting Guests on Your Show
  • Being a Guest

8. Making Money with Podcasting

  • Products or Services
  • Paid Consulting
  • Affilate Marketing
  • Paid Online Communities
  • What About Ads or Donations?

9. Next Steps

  • Growing an Audience
  • Outsourcing/Hiring Help
  • How to Overcome the 20 Episode Hurdle
  • Improving Your Speaking and Presentation Skills
  • Upgrading Gear and Sound
  • Managing Files and Finished Projects
  • Getting Into Video
  • Wrapping Up

Successful Podcasting Pilot Program

9 Modules, 64 Videos



Join the Pilot Program today and get access to Successful Podcasting, Logic Pro X for Podcasters, and Podcasting With GarageBand.

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Phew! That’s a lot of lessons.

But don’t worry, they’re all broken down into easily-digestible, bite-sized videos. My goal is to simplify the process for you and keep you from feeling overwhelmed.

But that’s not all! You’ll also get access to:

Bonus: Logic Pro X for Podcasters ($199 Value)

Logic Pro X for Podcasters is a full-blown master class on Logic Pro X. It’s a course that I’ll also be selling separately for $199.

Having powerful software is one thing. But it can also be daunting.

You have two options: poke at the software, google around and try to find some tutorials, and hope to figure out what you need, OR…

Go through a course that will help you master Logic Pro X in a fraction of the time.

Included with Successful Podcasting is the full Logic Pro X for Podcasters course (a $199 Value). Here’s what’s inside:

1. Getting Started With Logic Pro X

  • Installing Logic
  • Overview of Logic
  • Zooming and Scrolling With a Trackpad or Mouse
  • Setting Up Essential Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Recap and Short Demonstration

2. Recording Audio That Sounds Great

  • Why You Need Good Gear and a Quiet Room to Record In
  • Getting Your Interface Connected and Setting Up Tracks for Recording
  • Setting Input Gain Levels and Using Proper Mic Technique
  • Recording Skype Calls and Having Your Guests Record Locally

3. Setting Up a Podcast Project for Editing

  • Importing Audio Files
  • Adjusting Volume Levels With Automation
  • Splitting Split Stereo Tracks
  • Creating a Reusable Template for Your Podcast

4. Editing Podcasts Quickly

  • What Is Podcast Editing?
  • The Basics of Editing
  • Using Varispeed to Reduce Your Editing Time
  • Memorize These Keyboard Shortcuts to Save Time
  • How to Drop Markers and Color-Code Regions
  • Watch Me Edit Podcasts
  • Watch Me Edit an Episode of Invisible Details
  • Watch Me Edit an Episode of Fired Up Mondays

5. Mixing and Mastering (How to Make Your Audio Sound Great)

  • Choosing the Right Headphones for Mixing and Mastering
  • How to Set Your Volume Level for Listening While Mixing and Mastering
  • Trust Your Ears (If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It)
  • Fixing Volume Differences in Tracks Before You Start Mixing
  • Intro to Plugins
  • Creating an Aux Track for Your Vocal Tracks (and Why It Matters)
  • Intro to EQ
  • Intro to Expander and Speech Enhancer (Background Noise Removal)
  • Intro to Compression
  • Intro to Limiting
  • Five Common Audio Issues and How to Fix Them
  • How to Make Your Podcast Loud Enough (Loudness Metering)
  • Mixing Male Vocals
  • Mixing Female Vocals

6. Exporting Audio

  • Exporting Stereo and Mono MP3 Files
  • Tagging MP3 Files
  • Next Steps

But that’s not all.

If you’re not ready to invest in and learn Logic Pro X, you’ll also get access to another mini-course that I created to help you learn GarageBand, Apple’s free audio recording and editing software:

Bonus: Podcasting with GarageBand ($99 Value)

  1. Recording Audio
  2. Creating Tracks and Importing Audio Files
  3. Introduction to Automation
  4. Editing Your Podcast
  5. Mixing, Mastering, and Making Your Tracks Sound Good
  6. Exporting an MP3 File and Creating a Template
  7. Tagging Your MP3 File
  8. Hosting Your Podcast
  9. Next Steps

I wanted to make sure that you have everything you need to produce a great podcast. Since learning recording software is one of the biggest challenges for new podcasters, I made these courses to help you save time and learn how to produce audio that sounds great every time.

I believe you have a message worth sharing, and I don’t want you to waste your time.

Successful Podcasting is everything I’ve learned about podcasting in one neat package. This course will guide you through a step-by-step process for launching a successful podcast.

Are you ready to get started?