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Sean McCabe

Hey there—Sean McCabe here.

Five years ago, I started the seanwes podcast.

The show resonated with creative professionals across the world and garnered millions of downloads. I honestly can't tell you exactly how many because I haven't logged in to view the download stats in several years. Those numbers don't matter to me since we’ve never done sponsors or ads on the show.

The only thing I pay attention to is listener feedback. Whether it's the real-time feedback from seanwes members listening live in the Community when we stream, or email feedback from listeners of the podcast, it's your messages saying the show has changed your life that really mean a lot.

I started the seanwes podcast five years ago with a single goal: iterate in public.

I wanted to share what I learned as I went to document the journey

I knew I'd share the the highs, like making hundreds of thousands of dollars on a launch.

I didn't know I'd share the lows, like my recovery from depression.

This show is real because we're real. Maybe it's the fact that we stream the show live to the members that makes it feel like an intimate conversation. Maybe it's because Ben and I love talking together. We're just being ourselves. We don't hold back, and we lay it all out on the table.

I'm so fortunate to still have my co-host, Ben, continue to join me on the show each week after all these years. The podcast is truly a highlight for me, and I can't imagine life any other way.

A special live event to celebrate

I should probably celebrate even more often than I do. I'm good at working hard, but I'm not so great at remembering celebrating.

I love numbers though, because numbers help remind me to celebrate!

Numbers like 400.

Somehow, we've recorded so many episodes, it would take you months to listen to them all—even if it was your full-time job. Yet, there are many who tell us they've listened to every episode! That's just incredible to us.

Thank you for listening, and thank you for joining us on this journey.

We want to celebrate this milestone with you.

There might be something like $4,000 in giveaway prizes, but that's really just a footnote in my mind. The true highlight will be getting to share this moment together.

If you'd like to receive an invite to this quadricentennial event (I had to look up the word), enter your email below.