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Fired Up Mondays

132: What to Do When Your Audience Doesn’t Engage With You

Monday, March 22, 2021 – 29 minutes

Today we look at what to do when your existing audience doesn’t engage with your content. Toni asks a question around her current struggle which is lack of activity on the posts she’s saying on social media, so that she can gain a better understanding of her audience, to be able to better solve their problems. But she first needs to build an audience of people who engage with her. Let’s talk about different ways we can all do that.

Fired Up Mondays

131: How to Write an Effective About Page for Your Website

Monday, March 22, 2021 – 22 minutes

What is an About Page for? Should you have one? Is the purpose to make sales or build connection? Maybe both! Let’s have a discussion and dive into this week’s question from Toni from the community.

Fired Up Mondays

129: Get Out of Research Paralysis and Take Action on What’s Important

Monday, February 1, 2021 – 23 minutes

Today we help Laura answer her question on how to stop researching endlessly and start doing things that actually move the needle.

Laura is in a transition phase where she’s leaving behind something she was focusing on for a new venture she’s started diving into. She’s doing a great job researching everything that’s involved in making this a reality, but has found herself stuck in the research as this never-ending cycle.

Tune in if you’d like some helpful tips on how you can make sure you don’t fall prey to tutorial purgatory.

Fired Up Mondays

127: How to Promote Your Website on Social Media and Dealing With Overwhelm

Monday, December 28, 2020 – 29 minutes

It’s quite common as someone who wants to promote a product, event, or service, to want to go on social media and link users to an external site.

We go over helpful approaches for different ways you can do this, but we also discuss something at a higher level. What are we trying to accomplish by asking people to leave the social platform to our website and why can’t it exist on the platform itself?

Fired Up Mondays

126: How to Switch From One Career to Another and What to Consider When Transitioning

Monday, December 14, 2020 – 27 minutes

Inspired by Laura’s question, this episode is all about moving from one field to the next.

You either are falling into shiny object syndrome category, and perhaps, maybe, you shouldn’t be switching quite yet—especially if your primary pursuit is working and making money for you. Or you fall into the category of knowing that you’ve done just about everything you can and something just isn’t working for you and you’ve decided it’s longer for you.

Whatever the reason for your shift into a different niche or industry, this episode will give you some solid direction on what you should consider moving forward.

Fired Up Mondays

125: What’s Going on With the seanwes Community, and Maintaining Relationships After You Let Someone Down

Monday, December 7, 2020 – 17 minutes

We start the show with a bit of an explanation: where has the seanwes team been? The Community’s been quiet; have we left it behind?

Find out what we’re doing to build a foundation for seanwes, so we can keep the Community vibrant for years to come.

What happens when you formed a business relationship with a partner… but they didn’t get the result they wanted? How do you keep the relationship alive, when events outside your control threaten it?

It comes down to focusing on what is in your control: the experience your business partner has whenever they deal with you.

Fired Up Mondays

124: Upgrading Your Website, Sending Valuable Emails, and Building Imagination

Monday, November 30, 2020 – 37 minutes

What if there was a new version of your website available—version 2.0—that would increase your sales that you could update to today?

Today we talk about clarifying your website’s message and communicating to the visitor exactly what you can give them so they don’t have to work hard to understand what you do.

We cover actionable steps that you can take today to increase your sales and up your conversation rate.

Fired Up Mondays

123: The Power of Focus and How to Share Content While Working a Full-Time Job and Schooling

Monday, November 16, 2020 – 27 minutes

Today’s topic is the power of focus.

We sometimes like to indulge ourselves in what is called “shiny object syndrome”. We like to channel all of our energy into a bunch of different things that are often fun, exciting, or just interest us. But there is something to be said about focusing and.

Focusing our efforts into one thing has positive impacts on the trajectory of future. Not only does focusing have impact on that one thing, but, once we master one thing, or accomplish one project, we can then use that energy to pour our efforts into the next thing with a focused energy.

Splitting our attention and our focus into different, unrelated pursuits makes us feel really good about ourselves, and like we’re accomplishing more than anyone. But it’s an inaccurate picture of what we’re really doing to ourself and our future.

Picture a circle, and from that circle are 10 different, short arrows pointing outward.

These arrows represent the different pursuits your splitting your energy into.

Now imagine if all of the amounts of effort put into those 10 different things were added to one pursuit. The result of this would leave us with skyrocketing results in the one thing we focus on.

Sean McCabe
Sean McCabe


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