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Fired Up Mondays is a show for you. It is Community member driven and focused on answering questions and addressing struggles of people in the Community. Our goal for the show is to make it interactive and fun, but primarily to open it up to anything you might be struggling with or need clarity on. Going forward, Fired Up Mondays is going to be the best place to get live answers to your questions.

We had a little bit of miscommunication about the intention of the show, and there was a topic planned, ironically, about communication. In today’s show we get meta on what happened, where communication broke down, how we work on communication as a team, and finally get to what we really want the show to be about: the Community members.

This episode ends with some discussion on clarity, answering the question: “Why is it always so hard to make time for getting clarity?” We talk about the importance of clarity and the benefits you receive in your other areas of work by prioritizing clarity.

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