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Lots of great questions today!

First up is a question about business finances. Specifically taxes. How much money do you need to set aside? How do you avoid touching that large savings account when it’s full of cash you shouldn’t use but don’t actually need until tax season? I talk about paying Quarterly Estimated Taxes and why it’s so helpful.

Next up, how do you connect with “competitors” at network meetings or conferences in a positive way? How do you avoid ending up in an awkward situation—and what if they see you as a threat? It comes down to this: If you always see the people who do the same thing as you as competition, you’ll never have community. Be excited, be warm, be positive, be friendly. Offer to help. Be a connector. Build community.

Then we get to a duo of questions on the topic of content output scheduling (really good stuff). Should you post certain kinds of content on specific days? Should you have a social media queue with content ready to post each day? I talk about output strategy, batch creation, scheduling process, and how I use the built-in on my iPhone to create an editorial calendar for free.

I also answer a question about my current writing set up for my writing habit (device, location, and time) and how I create different contexts for different activities while using the same physical space.

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