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This is possibly the most jam-packed Fired Up Mondays I’ve done!

I start off talking about Ben coming over to meet and vlogging unannounced. I talk about how much I’ve accomplished since quitting video games completely 44 days ago.

Then we have a boatload of questions. The first one on being sick. The takeaway? Rest. Don’t push yourself. Reframe the situation: Your JOB is to recover. Do your job well.

We then dive deeper into the topic we covered in seanwes podcast e332 Documenting vs Creating. How to best document, repurposing content, and the weekly cadence.

How do you get a teaching position when you have no formal teaching experience? If you have domain knowledge, there’s nothing stopping you but yourself. We cover some strategies. We also talk about alternatives to the standard resume.

While I’m not the best person to talk to about eating (hah!), I answer a question on what to do if you’re hungry when you wake up but you want to write. My answer? Eat.

Is your questionnaire so long you’re not getting any bites from clients, but when you remove questions all the leads are terrible? I tell you what to do to solve the problem and how to find the balance.

Finally, we conclude with when the increase the frequency of your content output. You’ve been consistent for two weeks. Great! Is it time to increase the frequency? Not just yet…

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