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The show starts with some brief updates: I’m taking off the month of May to write the sabbatical book. I will document the book-writing process daily at

This morning, I uploaded a video to seanwes tv where I got a bit emotional. The video is titled “I Don’t Need a Million Followers” and I talk about how I do what I do for my siblings.

Our first question is on patience, but it’s ultimately about happiness. I share something I wrote on the topic of happiness in this episode.

If you’re interested in time blocking but feel like you don’t have enough control over your schedule (or need to be flexible), I have a book recommendation for managing energy instead of time.

Should you share what you’ve written personally about a difficult subject even if it’s raw and unedited? How much should you worry about making it “useful” vs just posting your story?

I break down how I decide what to post on my feed vs share in Instagram stories and go more in depth on my overall Instagram strategy (plus how I increase my creativity and post more).

While you shouldn’t schedule anything for your sabbatical, I talk in today’s episode about my “Sabbatical Projects” list and how that doesn’t compromise the one sabbatical rule (hint: they’re all optional).

The show concludes with a conversation around posting “work” vs “personal” content and which is the best strategy for increasing your reach, influence, and deepening the connection with your audience.

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