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Maybe one of my favorite answers in today’s show is about helping people. I didn’t have enough room to include it in the episode title, but stick around for it!

Darian wants to know how to help people who want answers. When you can see their roadblock, but they’re still hung up, how can you get through to them? The answer is surprisingly simple.

When you want to write, should you start by typing or dictating? The answer in today’s show is also covered in 30 Days to Better Writing.

If you find yourself underestimating how long a project will take when it involves something you’ve never done before, you’re not alone. I share a time estimation rule that will serve you well.

Is it time to quit one of your projects? How do you know when to stop a project entirely? We cover the signs.

If you’re streaming your first live video soon, you’ll get a bunch of last-minute tips in today’s episode.

When it comes to repurposing content, you might be afraid of repeating yourself. Don’t worry—you actually have a bigger problem! I give you two tips and point you to 4 more resources on content repurposing in this episode.

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