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You have an idea, you get excited, you start doing stuff, and then a new idea comes along. Oh, no. You know you shouldn’t, but it’s just, so… shiny. How do you keep an eye open for new opportunities but remain focused?

Landing pages are great for building your email list, but many approach them the wrong way. The “Squeeze Page” way—where the sole objective is to get the email. I think of these pages as “taking” pages. I prefer “giving” pages. I talk about providing value on your landing page to grow your email list.

Having trouble following through? I talk about why publicly accountability alone isn’t enough and what else you need.

Frustrated at the lack of job opportunities relating to your major? You may be looking for the wrong job.

Do you need an actual day job, or does freelancing count? I discuss the purpose of the overlap foundation and what it needs to cover.

Feel so low energy all the time that any day job seems exhausting? The right day jobs are out there—and when you find it, the energy in your personal life will increase as well.

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