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Health will lead to wealth. It may seem like you don’t have time to rebuild healthy habits, but your future depends on it! It’s worth hitting reset on a routine that is not serving you.

I answer two questions related to rebuilding habits and routine in today’s episode.

Then we talk about mentorship and coaching. First of all, mentorship is given. So if you’re asking, you’re requesting what is legitimately a paid service. If you’re asking, it’s coaching—and expect to pay. If someone offers it for free, it’s mentorship.

You probably have some ideas of what you think you should do. It’s often a matter of figuring out which thing to pursue first. You’re willing and eager to work hard, you just want to make sure you’re working hard on the right things.

What would you tell a coach if you had one? Before you hire a coach, go in the [Community] and create a conversation sharing your plan. You’ll be surprised at the feedback. That is what this Community is for. We can probably give you 90% as much clarity without you having to spend more money.

Finally, I reveal how much TV I watch and answer a question on consuming vs producing. When you have a habit of producing, your desire for consumption goes down significantly.

The feeling of “just wanting to consume” is self-perpetuating. It’s a downward spiral. When you’re in it, it’s hard to imagine not having the urge (and thus, it’s easy to think in terms of “managing” the urge).

But really, if you’re able to break out of the spiral (as I discussed in the show), the urge goes almost completely to zero.

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