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I’m back from a sabbatical week and fired up!

I answer three Value-Based Pricing related questions:

• Value-Based Pricing for small projects
• Value-Based Pricing for past/repeat clients
• Reframing the client conversation for Value-Based Pricing

Do certifications matter? How much does a certification (or degree) affect my hiring decisions? (Hint: not much)

What should you give away vs. sell? How do you know when you’re giving away too much for free?

Social media, endless scrolling, and other distractions can steal your day away. I point you to a piece of content that gives you two methods for reclaiming your time.

When it comes to courses, should you setup an evergreen sales funnel or do manual launches? I’ve tried both. I share my experiences and explain how I wasted 18 months producing something that didn’t work and what you should look out for.

Got the post sabbatical blues? When you first start taking sabbaticals, it can be difficult to get back in the work groove. I tell you how and when to prepare so you can bounce back to work with energy!

Is your Instagram growing slowly or not at all? What are you doing wrong? If you’re following people, commenting, using stories, and posting regularly, what else is left? How do you grow your Instagram followers?

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