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If you’ve ever tried to get a testimonial from a past client, you may have found the responses often sound scripted. Many times, they contain business jargon which wouldn’t make for a good testimonial.

How do you get good, quality responses that don’t sound scripted? I share some resources and tips on how to get good testimonials, as well as what testimonial questions to ask.

I answer another question related to testimonials in case studies. Case studies contain testimonials, but they also include a lot of other things. Should you document your process as you go, or should you create your case study after you’ve already done the work? What’s the difference in does it matter?

The final topic is networking at events. What type of questions should you ask as an icebreaker? How do you talk about yourself? What if you’re nervous about initiating conversations with complete strangers? I share some tips to make networking easier, even if you’re an introvert, and tell you how to get the other person to think you’re interesting.

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