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I cover a few upfront topics in this episode before I get to questions.

The first topic is LinkedIn organic research. If you’re ignoring LinkedIn right now, you’re making a big mistake. I talk about the results I’m seeing and the high quality interaction I’m getting unlike what I’m seeing on any other platform.

Next, I report in with a follow-up to the results of the IGTV experiment I ran last week. A single toggle when publishing my video was responsible for a 16X increase in views. I tell you what that toggle is.

I’m looking forward to meeting and hanging out with over a dozen community members at the Craft + Commerce conference in Boise, Idaho a few weeks. If you’re thinking about going, and you haven’t yet picked up a ticket, reach out to me. I can help.

The last of my upfront topics is travel hacking. I talk about how I’ve used points to get free flights and some of what I’m planning in terms of using travel hacking for the 2020 sabbatical year.

Believe it or not, this is just the beginning of today’s show. Now we get into questions.

The first question is about creating courses and products, and whether or not to sell those products on other marketplaces (as opposed to one’s own website).

I talk about the importance of building your own platform and having your own domain and website. I discuss strategies for leveraging social platforms to get attention and also why you need to diversify the platforms you’re on.

In response to a question about YouTube strategy, I share some of the mistakes I made in the past five years of building my current channel, as well as my new strategy for how to approach YouTube going forward. You can hear my dilemma between feeding YouTube’s algorithm vs. making videos I want to make.

I answer a question on how I would start a new web design business in 2019 with no testimonials, projects, or clients. If you only have skills these are the first steps I would take.

Finally, I talk about why it’s so difficult to teach the things that come naturally to you. Different people have different strengths, but it can be hard to teach things that come easy to you because you expect them to also come easy to everyone else. When you understand what’s required, you’ll gain a whole lot more respect for people who teach.

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