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Dan fills in for Sean while he finishes working on our Annual Membership campaign.

A Community member wants to help potential clients with their privacy but not come across like they’re creeping. Dan explains how to provide no-strings-attached value in a way that doesn’t cross a person’s boundaries, and how giving without asking keeps you from feeling like you’re holding someone’s privacy for ransom.

How do you position yourself as an expert when you want to appeal to both your potential clients and your potential students? Dan cautions against splitting your focus.

If you’ve been creating content for a while, but know you need a day job to support your passion, how do you find the right job? It’s a balance between covering all your expenses, while leaving you the time and energy you need to pursue your passion on the side.

When leaving a job that you don’t particularly like, what’s the right way to give notice? You want to respect yourself without burning bridges.

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