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Today I answer some great questions about courting clients. First, what do you do when you’re not physically close to your target audience? Meeting prospects in person is great, but it’s only one of the ways to get clients.

Next, there’s a question about lowering your price when you’re concerned that your initial price was too high. You have to decide, right now: will your brand be a premium brand, or a discount brand? The answer to that question shows the way forward.

Is it okay to reach out to prospective clients, provide some value, and then ask them what they’re struggling with? It’s important to understand what “no-strings-attached value” really means.

One of our most frequently-asked questions is “Do I really have to choose just one thing to be known for?” We all have multiple passions, but you have to either start with a single focus, or find a way to blend complementary passions into one focus.

Finally, a Community member is curious about lucid dreaming. Can you really get work done or improve your skills… while you sleep?

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