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It’s a big show today, with Sean back from his trip to Hawaii! His camera has seen some things.

When you’re just starting out and haven’t yet taken on clients for your business, what should you be doing? It’s too early to make a product, but it’s never too early to document your journey! Don’t overthink it… just turn on the camera and talk about what you’re doing.

Taking your first sabbatical and not sure what to expect? There are three things (plus a bonus fourth thing) to keep in mind, so you can maintain the right perspective and stick with sabbaticals for the long haul.

Once you have your sabbaticals scheduled on the calendar, is it really so dangerous to move them around? What about when holidays get in the way?

How does Value-Based Pricing work in situations where you want to earn a percentage of future revenue generated by your work? There are two separate concepts here, pricing and licensing—you want to master both.

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