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Sean starts today’s show with a couple of announcements:

First, we’re going through 30 Days to Better Writing as a Community in October! We can’t wait to see what everyone gets written in the coming month.

Sean also shares a link to his epic Kauai video, which highlights just a few of the incredible things he and Laci saw on Hawaii’s “garden island”.

Just one question from the Community today, but Sean also expounds on three quick topics.

Show up every day. Nothing beats consistency, and consistency doesn’t mean “share something you did occasionally”. Consistency means “always be sharing your thing and don’t worry about the results.” Trying to make the One Perfect Thing that will put you on the map is a distraction; you can’t predict which thing will result in opportunity—focus on showing up and you’ll be there when the opportunity arrives.

Embrace discomfort. We as a society are fortunate to have almost unlimited access to comfort… but how fortunate is that, really? It’s the easiest thing in the world to choose that which is comfortable over that which is good for us. It makes us complacent. It makes us unhealthy.

If you want to be healthy, successful, fulfilled, you need to get comfortable being uncomfortable. That means exercising instead of sitting. Creating instead of consuming. Do one thing that makes you uncomfortable every day, and you’ll be amazed at how you grow.

Some (many?) of us are introverts, some of us are extroverts—but those are tendencies, not life sentences. You might find your tendencies hold you back from doing things you want to do. For example, your introversion might make it hard to produce content or go to meetups and develop relationships. Know that it’s possible to overcome your tendency, but it takes practice, like working out a muscle. Recognize your tendency—if you’re introverted, know that you’ll need to make time for yourself to recharge. At the same time, you can begin to practice the uncomfortable things.

Finally, we have a question about handling your existing audience (in the context of a Facebook page) when you change your focus. Should you start over from scratch, or change the name of your current page and carry your audience through the shift? Sean’s been through this several times, and describes what to expect.

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