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We’re renaming Fired Up Mondays to The Pranav Show today, as Community member Pranav brings four great questions to the table. First, Sean mentioned the incredible athletic feats performed by Eliud Kipchoge and David Goggins this past week, demonstrating that we’re all capable of so much more than we think.

The first question this week is about getting a course out there when your goal is to maximize the number of people who can benefit, and not the money in your bank account. Sean uses his book Overlap as an example of how you can give away one version of a product while selling others, and why this is a powerful way to do business.

It’s hard to apply the lessons you learn in our Client Work Essentials and Value-Based Pricing courses when you haven’t even figured out what niche you’re going to serve. When all your past experience comes from being an employee, how do you position yourself? Sean talks about how narrowing your focus never comes naturally, but is crucial to finding your place in the market.

Why would you use multiple landing pages in a sequence before letting people opt in to your emails, course, or product? This tactic will reduce the number of overall leads you get… but makes it more likely that those who do opt in are higher-value.

Getting “organic” reach on social media is hard and getting harder as the big players switch to “pay to play” models (in other words, if you want to reach an audience, prepare to buy ads). Sean shares what he’s doing that still gets engagement, and the tough truth that, if you want to grow, you need to do things that don’t scale.

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