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We answer a few questions today on the theme of focus. Building a business is hard work, plain and simple; you’re not lazy for acknowledging that… and even being overwhelmed by it. The right thing to focus on right now is whatever has the biggest impact on your bottom line. That might mean leaving products and teaching alone while you focus on getting client work.

And how does creating content to promote your brand fit in? Start by documenting and sharing your process, instead of creating something new.

A related question about content creation: if you’re doing a blog, and a newsletter, and a podcast… do you have to post all three every week? Obviously the more content you create, the greater your potential reach. But again, the limiting factor is your time. Start with whatever you can do consistently. Then, branch out the smart way by repurposing your content in different channels.

What if you have time on your hands and want to make some money, but don’t have a particular service to offer? The first step is getting interested in the people around you, and learning about what they need—so you can offer help before they ask for it.

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