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Today Dan tackles questions about affiliate marketing and job searches, but, most importantly, he gets on Garrett’s nerves by mixing up the work of Mike Judge with that of Seth MacFarlane!

Affiliate marketing—promoting someone else’s products and services in return for a cut—is an accessible way to make some money when you’re just getting started producing content. Its effectiveness, of course, will depend on your reach, and the relevance of the affiliated products to your audience! We point out some resources to learn more.

A Community member who’s starting their post-college job search has questions about figuring out and communicating strengths and weaknesses, and sharpening their “elevator pitch”. As usual, it all starts with writing! Exploring your abilities and your past achievements and challenges in writing is a great way to notice things you might be taking for granted. Another key tactic is to ask those who work and live with you for their honest appraisals.

Finally, how important is it to have references when applying for jobs… and who can those references be when you don’t have much work experience? References are important, but you only need people who can back up whatever claims you make in your applications. Former employers are the most obvious candidates, but anyone—especially in a professional position—who can vouch for your character is a good alternative.

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