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We tackle a bunch of deep questions today!

First, what do you do when everything seemed too complicated and you just want to become a Buddhist monk? This is where introspective practices become really important: journaling, meditating, walking, talking to your loved ones. What you want to find out is, is there some anxiety that’s driving the desire for simplicity? We also touch on ways to start experimenting with a simpler lifestyle without going all-in.

How do we reconcile problems with capitalism and consumer culture with our desire to run businesses and sell products to consumers? It comes down to this: does what you sell and how you sell it—and to whom—align with your values? There are lots of legitimate wants and needs on the part of consumers that we can be the ones to fulfill.

You’re in a good spot to overlap, with a part-time job covering your bills and the rest of your time going into your passion… when your boss gives you an ultimatum: join us full-time, or you’re out. That’s exactly the situation in which a Community member finds himself. We discuss the two sides of this decision—quit or stick—and the ups and downs of both.

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