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Today we cover a deep question about setting boundaries around the time that you want to spend working on your passion. If you find yourself getting into your day job early and leaving work late, what time does that leave to do the work for which the day job is merely the foundation? We talk about putting creative work on your calendar, but we have to start deeper than that… first you need to know if you really want to do the work at all.

When the small things (like when you eat) are inconsistent, the entire day can get off track. Living according to your calendar isn’t an easy habit to develop; like most habits, it starts with scheduling just one thing.

How do you plan for the day when you no longer run your business? Whether that’s stepping away from the day-to-day operations, eventually retiring, and even when your life is over—how do you put the right plans in place? The first step is research, and getting opinions from people who have been there before, which makes this the perfect topic for a conversation in the Community!

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