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Today on Fired Up Mondays, a Community member brings two good questions about focus and your creative passion.

First, what happens when your day job threatens to burn you out? Big, challenging projects can leave you drained, without that precious time and energy you need to store up for your passion. Does this mean you’re in the wrong job? The key is to look for patterns, and find out what the people working with you expect. Worst case, you’re in the wrong place and it’s time to plan a change. In the best case, you’ll learn to handle all facets of a great day job that gives you a foundation for your passion.

If you want people to see you a certain way—as a cartoonist, for example—you need to curate what you share. What does that mean for your LinkedIn profile, which encourages you to list all your work experience? Like any other social network, you should curate LinkedIn in favour of the connections you want to make. That means leaving out experience and content that leads people away from your target identity.

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