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Today we talk about what it takes to make space for a sabbatical. The most important component of a sabbatical—whether it’s a year, a week, or a weekend—is freedom from obligation. If you have unfinished work or commitments during your sabbatical, it won’t be truly restful.

That isn’t to say you cannot work or meet up with people during your sabbatical; you can do whatever you want. But it has to start with you wanting to do it, and not being obliged to do it.

Today’s question is about how you deal with however much work needs to get done ahead of your sabbatical. What happens when the pressure of work and social commitments is stressing you out… and letting some things slip into your sabbatical would be the easiest way to get relief?

It’s important to remember the sabbatical isn’t being imposed on you; it’s something you are giving—gifting—to yourself, because you’ve decided it’s important. Now you can view your workload as a challenge you have willingly taken on.

To help deal with a stressful week, you can follow this process:

– Anticipate and acknowledge that it will be stressful
– Prepare as best you can by listing all your commitments, and deciding ahead of time when to do what
– Be deliberate about using the time and energy you have

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