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Today we have two questions: one about sharing personal stories in a professional context, the other about getting past a frustrating situation.

There’s no categorical answer to “how much of myself should I share with my audience?” What works for you depends very much on who you are… and you’re likely to attract an audience based on exactly that. The best advice we can give is to act in a way that makes you comfortable, and let the sharing of personal things be a part of finding your voice as a writer and as a professional.

When things go wrong—or when we just doubt our capabilities—it’s easy to start resenting the very things we love to do. Rumination doesn’t help, though: thinking and thinking about how frustrated we are or how inadequate we feel only leads to more of the same.

The solution? Take action—start working in the direction of a solution. It’s important to remind yourself, when you’re annoyed that you “have to” do something… that you also “get to” do that thing. Even if it’s challenging. Even if it’s unpleasant. You’re here, you’re alive. You have this opportunity… will you take it?

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