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Today we tackle questions about affiliate marketing and syndicating your content.

Bringing in affiliates is one way to reach a wider audience. In short, you find someone whose audience you want to reach, and you ask them to promote your product to their audience, in return for a cut of the sales they make.

How do you start reaching out to these affiliates, and how do keep the ask focused on the benefit they will get from the relationship?

Your best bet is to start with the people who already know and love your work. Partnering with them can be a powerful way to reach new customers. The benefits they receive from becoming affiliated with you are direct and indirect: they profit from the sales they make, of course, but they can also gain exposure to your audience, especially if you engage in some form of joint venture together. The value can flow in both directions.

Is RSS dead? RSS used to be a popular way for readers to keep track of new content on their favorite websites. But it’s 2020, and social networks are where it’s at. Does that mean you shouldn’t use RSS anymore? Well, no; since RSS feeds are bundled with practically any content-management system you might use to run your site (e.g. WordPress), and running your own site is an important part of owning your own platform, keep those feeds alive!

Running your own site with its own RSS feed and syndicating your content on social networks gives you the best of both worlds… exposing you to the biggest possible audience.

Finally, we touch on a question about selling in all the content you make. To sell without feeling awkward, the key is to focus on your customer, and the problem you’re going to solve for them. Remember that customers don’t really buy products, they buy a better version of themselves—you’re selling them that transformation. Selling takes practice, so get started. And if you want a gigantic head start, our Supercharge Your Writing masterclass will unleash your inner copywriter.

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