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Today we answer a question that’s at the forefront of all of our minds: how do we deal with all the changes and disruption happening in our lives, our jobs, and our communities?

It starts with your mindset, as it so often does. When things change, the expectations you have for others and for yourself have to change as well. If aren’t able to perform at the level you’d like to right now, work towards being okay with that. Be open about how you’re thinking and feeling with your colleagues at work—they’re going through all of this, too.

Remember: it’s not business as usual. Prioritize your mental and physical wellbeing, those are the things you can’t afford to lose.

Alongside adjusting expectations, create new plans and routines that are appropriate to the new reality. You might have new or different concerns and responsibilities than you did a few weeks ago, including taking care of family members (like kids that are home from school) and even just figuring out where your food is coming from.

You can’t just jam these new things into your existing schedule: create a new schedule that accounts for them. Think in terms of subtraction. What can you remove right now to make room for the things you need to do?

If you have to slow down or stop your progress on side passions and creative pursuits, it’s frustrating. The last part of the puzzle is remember that this is just a season. Life always brings us new seasons, and we can’t always choose when they come and go. There’s a lot of upheaval right now, and it’s likely you can’t live quite the way you used to, or quite the way you want to. Consider that this, too, shall pass. And consider, too, the upside: this is a great time to evaluate what’s important in your life, and to spend time with yourself, contemplating and creating.

Wishing you good luck and good health as we navigate this season together.

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