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Welcome to Fired Up Mondays! It’s been a long couple weeks, hasn’t it? 😅

We have three great questions today. First, we talk about whether you should follow up with clients who have become unresponsive (probably due to recent events!)

You don’t want to burden your client, but recognize that, as the professional, following up on a project is your responsibility. To do it right, frame your communication in terms of finding out what you can do for your client, not asking them to do something for you. Apply empathy and understanding—now more than ever, we can understand why clients may not be in a position to communicate with us effectively.

Next, we talk about the recurring anxiety that comes up again and again as we live through a pandemic. None of us can predict what’s going to happen, but the best thing we can do for our mental health is remain optimistic—and remind ourselves that the worst outcomes we can imagine… haven’t actually happened.

Finally, we get tactical to answer a question about defining your desired salary. When a job application forces you to come up with a number with no opportunity to negotiate, take two things into account:

1. The context of the job you’re applying for (the job, the local market, and your experience level).
2. What salary range you’d be happy to accept.

Figuring out what salary range you actually want is a fantastic exercise that we don’t do often enough! We break it all down in today’s show.

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