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Today we’re sleeping right through the show! Well, no. But we do spend some time talking about sleep: there are many reasons why you might not be getting a good night’s sleep, and waking up feeling rested. The following “environmental” factors are important:

– Getting enough exercise.
– Getting sunlight exposure during the day.
– Blocking artificial light and noise from your bedroom.
– Keeping the temperature in your bedroom cool.

But if your sleep environment seems fine and you’re still not getting the rest you need, consider getting a doctor’s advice. There are conditions that lead to disrupted sleep, and getting properly diagnosed and treated is important.

Another topic many of us can relate to: we discuss how to talk about yourself in job interviews! It can feel so awkward and uncomfortable to describe yourself, feeling like you have to impress the people sitting across the table. Remember that they’re asking for their sake, not yours, and what they really want to know is what it will be like to work with you. With this in mind, a great strategy is to practice your answer to this question by yourself (or with a friend). Playacting your answers to interview questions lets you work the kinks out long before you’re on the spot.

Finally, we touch on tools for project management; there’s got to be something better than using Excel spreadsheets for everything, doesn’t there?

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