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Today we tackle questions on applying for scholarships, talking to prospective employers, and dealing with micromanagement at work. Every part of the cycle!

We’ve also got an update about how seanwes is dealing with the economic downturn. Short answer: doing client work is the fastest way to get money coming in!

How do you answer questions about why you deserve a scholarship when the education is merely a stepping stone towards building a successful business? It start by understanding the impact you want to eventually have. You’re not just building a business for yourself, so let them know how the scholarship will eventually let you serve others.

When switching careers, you can feel like a total beginner again—like you have nothing to offer. But you’ve built up skills and experience over the years that will help you no matter what you tackle next. When talking to a prospective employer, you don’t need to paint yourself as some sort of expert (you’re not an expert yet, after all!)—you just need to demonstrate that you’re skilled, adaptable, and eager to learn.

Do you have a boss who’s always got an opinion on everything you want to do? Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt: they might feel like you need their opinion in order to proceed. Help them you by taking the initiative (start the work and let them course correct), and by keeping the discussion focused on the desired outcome instead of the steps you’ll use to achieve it. You know how to get the job done, after all; that’s why you’re there!

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