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Today we talk about starting a podcast! What do you need to get started? Our Successful Podcasting course teaches you how to nail every aspect of creating a podcast, but it can also be overwhelming: where do you start?

You start a podcast by recording your voice. And what you really need to figure out, long before you commission a beautiful piece of cover art, is whether you actually like podcasting, and whether your show idea is something you can keep doing, episode after episode. We talk about exactly what is on the “critical path” to doing a podcast, and what you should leave until later.

A community member on the hunt for a job wants to know how to answer “What is your greatest professional achievement?” That’s a tough question, especially when you don’t have a lot of experience yet! Realize that your achievements can come from any corner of your life—school, family, hobbies—not just from your career. The first step is to brainstorm, because you have more achievements and accomplishments than you think. After that, you can filter them to which one best represents you on this particular application.

When selling a course with different pricing tiers, which one do you feature in your sales copy? The highest tier has the most value, so it’s tempting to feature it in your copy and let your smaller tiers be “lesser” versions. But you don’t want to reduce those tiers to a “crippled-down” version of the top tier. We talk about why the base tier of your product is always the best focus.

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