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We’ve got a big show today… and a special guest! Sean’s brother Cory joins Dan to discuss the work they’re doing with seanwes media, creating daily video content for clients. They discuss the importance of processes in ensuring quality—especially as your business grows.

As always, we also answer your questions!

How aggressive should you be about getting your money “working for you”? It seems like having a stash in your low-interest savings account is a waste; wouldn’t it be better to invest that money in something with a higher rate of return?

It depends on your situation, and your goals! If the time horizon for needing that money is short, keeping it handy may be your best bet—you weren’t going to double your money overnight, anyway, not without taking very big risks.

When you have a business selling lots of products or services, how do you focus your marketing and sales efforts? Start by asking why you have so many offerings, and whether you’d be better off focusing on whichever is the most lucrative. Once you’ve built a strong business on the back of one offer, you may have the resources to make marketing many products a lot easier.

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