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We’ve got a bunch of great questions today! First, what do you do with a business that isn’t making money yet when you want to move on to another passion? The worst thing you could do is be half-focused on both things; do you care about the new thing enough to not do it now so that you can build the old thing into a stable foundation?

We always have too many things we could be spending time on, and that’s never more true than when you’re working on a business. When diving back into freelancing, should you update your website? Develop case studies? Those could all be useful things to do… but your best bet is to get money coming in the door. That means getting clients and, if you’ve done this before, the best place to start is with the people who have paid you in the past!

How do you get through an entire degree program when it feels like a struggle every step of the way? When you’re doing something you don’t like, you have to ask why. Why are you putting up with it? What’s the outcome you want so badly that you’ll deal with obnoxious assignments or problematic people? To paraphrase Nietzsche, with a strong enough “why” you can endure any “how”.

Should you give away a product for free, or offer a “Pay What You Want” option? In the former case, those who receive your free product will feel the strongest drive to reciprocate—they’ll be more likely to join your list, leave a review, tell someone else about your product, etc. As soon as they hand you some money, that “reciprocity loop” is closed. Whether the trade-off is worthwhile depends what you want to achieve: maximize revenue, or maximize reciprocity? Developing relationships with potential customers is important. But, then again, so is getting paid!

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