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Welcome to Fired Up Mondays! Today we have three questions.

First, should you let returning customers know ahead of time that you’ve raised your prices? Definitely! No one wants to be surprised by an invoice that’s larger than expected. That said, you also shouldn’t *avoid* raising your prices if that’s what your business needs to succeed. After all: if you double your prices and lose less than half your customers… you’re coming out ahead!

How do you balance creating exclusive content for patrons (on a platform like Patreon) with creating content for marketing purposes? That’s a lot of content! Fortunately, the two don’t have to be completely distinct. People value things other than pure exclusivity, so you can leverage things like immediacy (getting *first* access to your content) and personalization (being acknowledged or included in the content) to make sure your patrons are still getting great value even if you repurpose your content for your marketing efforts.

Finally, should you let a family member work in your business, and should you compensate them even if they’re not asking for it? Working with someone you love can be immensely rewarding, but it’s also a tricky situation to navigate! If you do nothing else, communicate, communicate, communicate with them; you don’t want any assumptions on either side about how the business relationship is going to work.

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