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Today’s episode of Fired Up Mondays has a very special guest… Sean McCabe?!

That’s right! Sean is back, to tell us what he’s been up to on his sabbatical year, and announce the return of the seanwes podcast…

Not only is Sean hosting this episode with Dan, but we have some great Community questions this week! Get ready for the biggest Fired Up Mondays episode… possibly ever!

How do you use Value-Based Pricing effectively if your value-based price is for a year of work, but you bill in monthly installments? How do you handle the disconnect between the value of the year-long work and the billing structure?

You don’t want your clients to see you as just another monthly expense to be minimized. Focus on the value-based price itself—which will always be a fraction of the value the client is getting from your work. Once they’ve agreed to that price, the monthly (or quarterly, or whatever period you’d like) installments are just a way of helping them manage their cashflow.

How do you balance long-term investment in your business with your short-term well-being?

Taking care of the short-term—what’s right in front of you—has to come first. While it’s good to think about the long game (because most of us don’t do that enough), you can be *too* long-term focused, to the detriment of the short term. It’s no use investing in where your business will be in five years if you go broke or burn out before you ever get there! Get your money right in the short term… and get your lifestyle right, too. Putting yourself in an uncomfortable place because “It’ll all pay off, someday!” may not be a sustainable way for you to live.

How do you set goals when it’s not yet clear what you’re building towards?

Goal-setting becomes much more effective when you’ve found something you’re passionate about, something that will keep you driving forward whether you have goals or not. At that point, your goals can give you direction. But, before you’ve found your passion, “direction” might not be what you need! If you’re not sure what’s driving you yet, give yourself time and space to figure that out. Experiment. Try different things, and *really* try them; pour yourself into something that you think you *might* like, and find out. When you want to keep doing it even through the hard parts, that’s when you know you’ve found something you’re passionate about. That’s when setting goals will actually help you.

How do you balance reading, continuing education, and self-investment with doing the actual work? Setting aside time for learning—whether it’s reading, listening to podcasts, or watching videos—is key, but, of course, so is actually *doing* whatever it is you’re learning about. After all, doing the thing is the goal; learning is just a stepping stone on your way there. Always evaluate two things when investing in learning time:

1. Is the thing you’re learning about actually the thing you should be doing?
2. Are you *doing* enough to make the time you spend learning worthwhile?

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