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How do you handle it when your big project is harder to finish than you thought? Whether you’re writing a novel or building a business, the reason most people never accomplish these things, even if they think they *want* to is… they’re really hard to do!

That being the case, go easy on yourself. Sean put it best in the Community conversation for this week’s show:

– ❌ This is so extremely difficult… there must be something wrong with me.
– ✅ This is so extremely difficult… I’m going to become a person who starts *and finishes* extremely difficult things.

If you’re starting to build a community around your work, how do you encourage people to engage without being too prescriptive—without making the participation feel forced or unnatural? Remember that, as the person who started the community, you’re responsible for its voice and its vision; you don’t need to tell people what to do or say, but you are there to guide them. Encourage the conversations you want to have more of. If they’re not happening, start them yourself!

How do you work towards the launch of your big, flagship product, without wasting a lot of time building something no one wants? It might be tempting to start off by building smaller products that funnel potential customers towards your flagship, but you might just be wasting even *more* time building things that you haven’t yet validated. The first epic session of our Presale Profits course ( will set you on the right track, teaching you how to find a product idea that solves people’s actual problems, and how to validate that idea in the one way that truly matters: getting paid for your work.

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