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When you hear “share the journey,” what does that mean to you in terms of what content you post?

If you’re the type of person that reverts to not sharing anything, you might only share things that 100% directly related to your career goal, and weeks or even months will go by without you sharing anything during “dry spells”.

What I’ve found, as someone who defaults to not sharing anything, is that I think of “share the journey” as “share only the things that have to do with filmmaking, and nothing else.” But the truth is, if I were to share the slightly unrelated thoughts I’m having, or the projects I’m currently working on, doing so would create multiple entry points for people to get to know me, and then have a chance of following me along to my journey toward making films.

What is holding you back from sharing more? How could you create more entry points for yourself so that you can invite more people along the way?

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