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Today’s topic is the power of focus.

We sometimes like to indulge ourselves in what is called “shiny object syndrome”. We like to channel all of our energy into a bunch of different things that are often fun, exciting, or just interest us. But there is something to be said about focusing and.

Focusing our efforts into one thing has positive impacts on the trajectory of future. Not only does focusing have impact on that one thing, but, once we master one thing, or accomplish one project, we can then use that energy to pour our efforts into the next thing with a focused energy.

Splitting our attention and our focus into different, unrelated pursuits makes us feel really good about ourselves, and like we’re accomplishing more than anyone. But it’s an inaccurate picture of what we’re really doing to ourself and our future.

Picture a circle, and from that circle are 10 different, short arrows pointing outward.

These arrows represent the different pursuits your splitting your energy into.

Now imagine if all of the amounts of effort put into those 10 different things were added to one pursuit. The result of this would leave us with skyrocketing results in the one thing we focus on.

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