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Fired Up Mondays

114: Communicating Without Being Misunderstood and Selling Nice-to-Have Products During a Crisis

Monday, August 10, 2020 – 12 minutes

If you’re worried about being misunderstood, should you say more, or less? You want to get your point across with clarity, but if you try to address every possible objection or misunderstanding ahead of time, you might just end up doing the opposite. To avoid confusion, be as clear and succinct as possible, and then see if your audience understood what you said. You can always revise from there.

In an ongoing global pandemic, can you still sell nice-to-have, non-critical products? Perhaps more important: *should* you? Just because you’re responding to a desire that the pandemic created (e.g. for mask accessories), that doesn’t make your business unethical. Are you giving people something they want? And are you selling it to them at a fair price, given its nature?

Fired Up Mondays

113: Registering, Maintaining, and Retiring Custom URLs for Your Products

Monday, July 27, 2020 – 9 minutes

Do you really need a custom domain name for every product you create? It can certainly be an advantage when marketing them! Posting on social media—or saying “Presale Profits Dot Com” on a podcast—is much more likely to get people to your product than trying to tell them to go to! When you’re just starting out with products, however, a custom domain may not be the first thing you need.

Fired Up Mondays

112: Raising Prices for Returning Customers, Balancing Content Marketing With Exclusive Content, and Hiring Family Members to Work in Your Business

Monday, July 20, 2020 – 31 minutes

Welcome to Fired Up Mondays! Today we have three questions.

First, should you let returning customers know ahead of time that you’ve raised your prices? Definitely! No one wants to be surprised by an invoice that’s larger than expected. That said, you also shouldn’t *avoid* raising your prices if that’s what your business needs to succeed. After all: if you double your prices and lose less than half your customers… you’re coming out ahead!

How do you balance creating exclusive content for patrons (on a platform like Patreon) with creating content for marketing purposes? That’s a lot of content! Fortunately, the two don’t have to be completely distinct. People value things other than pure exclusivity, so you can leverage things like immediacy (getting *first* access to your content) and personalization (being acknowledged or included in the content) to make sure your patrons are still getting great value even if you repurpose your content for your marketing efforts.

Finally, should you let a family member work in your business, and should you compensate them even if they’re not asking for it? Working with someone you love can be immensely rewarding, but it’s also a tricky situation to navigate! If you do nothing else, communicate, communicate, communicate with them; you don’t want any assumptions on either side about how the business relationship is going to work.

Fired Up Mondays

111: Selling Your Current Products vs. Building New Ones, Thinking Big About Money Without Getting Reckless, and Choosing Social Networks Based on Your Values

Monday, July 6, 2020 – 22 minutes

We like to say, “Do more of what works!” But does that mean you should continue selling products when most of your audience is just starting out and isn’t in a position to buy?

In the long term, you can become a trusted advisor to your audience by providing them with free value now… but to stay in business, you have to find the portion of your audience that will pay, and offer them something they’re eager to buy.

If you want to make a lot of money, you have to change your mindset about what “a lot of money” means. This isn’t, however, an invitation to get reckless with your spending. When we say, “If you think $1,000,000 is a lot of money, you might make $100,000,” it doesn’t mean you should spend money like you’re a millionaire; it means that understanding how people think about the value of their money is key to getting paid a lot of it!

It seems like there’s no way to run a business these days without relying heavily on social networks to build and reach an audience. But what do you do when you have ethical concerns about those networks and the companies that own them? There’s no simple answer here: it comes down to your goals for your business, and how your values guide the actions you’re willing to take in pursuit of those goals.

Fired Up Mondays

110: Building a Business So You Can Volunteer Instead, Focusing on Freelancing, Giving Yourself an Attitude Adjustment, and Deciding Between Free and “Pay What You Want”

Monday, June 15, 2020 – 21 minutes

We’ve got a bunch of great questions today! First, what do you do with a business that isn’t making money yet when you want to move on to another passion? The worst thing you could do is be half-focused on both things; do you care about the new thing enough to not do it now so that you can build the old thing into a stable foundation?

We always have too many things we could be spending time on, and that’s never more true than when you’re working on a business. When diving back into freelancing, should you update your website? Develop case studies? Those could all be useful things to do… but your best bet is to get money coming in the door. That means getting clients and, if you’ve done this before, the best place to start is with the people who have paid you in the past!

How do you get through an entire degree program when it feels like a struggle every step of the way? When you’re doing something you don’t like, you have to ask why. Why are you putting up with it? What’s the outcome you want so badly that you’ll deal with obnoxious assignments or problematic people? To paraphrase Nietzsche, with a strong enough “why” you can endure any “how”.

Should you give away a product for free, or offer a “Pay What You Want” option? In the former case, those who receive your free product will feel the strongest drive to reciprocate—they’ll be more likely to join your list, leave a review, tell someone else about your product, etc. As soon as they hand you some money, that “reciprocity loop” is closed. Whether the trade-off is worthwhile depends what you want to achieve: maximize revenue, or maximize reciprocity? Developing relationships with potential customers is important. But, then again, so is getting paid!

Fired Up Mondays

109: Responding to a Job Offer When You Feel Pressured, and Working With Clients in seanwes media

Monday, June 8, 2020 – 30 minutes

Today we have a question about responding to a job offer when you’re still considering other opportunities, and need to think things through. If a prospective employer is putting pressure on you to accept an offer, they may have their reasons, but consider it a red flag; especially if they don’t honor your request to take some time to think the offer through. While there’s always a time aspect to a job offer, and you want to respect their time… your time and consideration also deserves respect.

Cory McCabe returns to the show, and we discuss a busy couple of weeks working on seanwes media! Taking a process Sean refined for his own content, teaching the process to others, and applying the process to client work provides lots of challenges, and lots of opportunities for us to learn and grow.

Fired Up Mondays

108: Putting Your Money to Work, Selling Lots of Products / Services, and Special Guest Cory McCabe on Scaling seanwes media

Monday, May 25, 2020 – 53 minutes

We’ve got a big show today… and a special guest! Sean’s brother Cory joins Dan to discuss the work they’re doing with seanwes media, creating daily video content for clients. They discuss the importance of processes in ensuring quality—especially as your business grows.

As always, we also answer your questions!

How aggressive should you be about getting your money “working for you”? It seems like having a stash in your low-interest savings account is a waste; wouldn’t it be better to invest that money in something with a higher rate of return?

It depends on your situation, and your goals! If the time horizon for needing that money is short, keeping it handy may be your best bet—you weren’t going to double your money overnight, anyway, not without taking very big risks.

When you have a business selling lots of products or services, how do you focus your marketing and sales efforts? Start by asking why you have so many offerings, and whether you’d be better off focusing on whichever is the most lucrative. Once you’ve built a strong business on the back of one offer, you may have the resources to make marketing many products a lot easier.

Fired Up Mondays

107: Fired Up… Tuesdays?! And Choosing the Right Name for Your Podcast

Tuesday, May 5, 2020 – 14 minutes

Just to keep you on your toes, this episode of Fired Up Mondays was recorded on Tuesday! Find out why, and then find out what matters when you’re choosing a name for your new podcast.

The context of who’s in your target audience makes all the difference… and the cleverest name isn’t worth much if they don’t know how to spell it.

Fired Up Mondays

106: Starting a Podcast Without Getting Overwhelmed, Describing Your Accomplishments on a Job Application, and Talking About Tiers in Your Copywriting

Monday, April 27, 2020 – 34 minutes

Today we talk about starting a podcast! What do you need to get started? Our Successful Podcasting course teaches you how to nail every aspect of creating a podcast, but it can also be overwhelming: where do you start?

You start a podcast by recording your voice. And what you really need to figure out, long before you commission a beautiful piece of cover art, is whether you actually like podcasting, and whether your show idea is something you can keep doing, episode after episode. We talk about exactly what is on the “critical path” to doing a podcast, and what you should leave until later.

A community member on the hunt for a job wants to know how to answer “What is your greatest professional achievement?” That’s a tough question, especially when you don’t have a lot of experience yet! Realize that your achievements can come from any corner of your life—school, family, hobbies—not just from your career. The first step is to brainstorm, because you have more achievements and accomplishments than you think. After that, you can filter them to which one best represents you on this particular application.

When selling a course with different pricing tiers, which one do you feature in your sales copy? The highest tier has the most value, so it’s tempting to feature it in your copy and let your smaller tiers be “lesser” versions. But you don’t want to reduce those tiers to a “crippled-down” version of the top tier. We talk about why the base tier of your product is always the best focus.

Sean McCabe
Sean McCabe


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