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Fired Up Mondays

125: What’s Going on With the seanwes Community, and Maintaining Relationships After You Let Someone Down

Monday, December 7, 2020 – 17 minutes

We start the show with a bit of an explanation: where has the seanwes team been? The Community’s been quiet; have we left it behind?

Find out what we’re doing to build a foundation for seanwes, so we can keep the Community vibrant for years to come.

What happens when you formed a business relationship with a partner… but they didn’t get the result they wanted? How do you keep the relationship alive, when events outside your control threaten it?

It comes down to focusing on what is in your control: the experience your business partner has whenever they deal with you.

Fired Up Mondays

124: Upgrading Your Website, Sending Valuable Emails, and Building Imagination

Monday, November 30, 2020 – 37 minutes

What if there was a new version of your website available—version 2.0—that would increase your sales that you could update to today?

Today we talk about clarifying your website’s message and communicating to the visitor exactly what you can give them so they don’t have to work hard to understand what you do.

We cover actionable steps that you can take today to increase your sales and up your conversation rate.

Fired Up Mondays

123: The Power of Focus and How to Share Content While Working a Full-Time Job and Schooling

Monday, November 16, 2020 – 27 minutes

Today’s topic is the power of focus.

We sometimes like to indulge ourselves in what is called “shiny object syndrome”. We like to channel all of our energy into a bunch of different things that are often fun, exciting, or just interest us. But there is something to be said about focusing and.

Focusing our efforts into one thing has positive impacts on the trajectory of future. Not only does focusing have impact on that one thing, but, once we master one thing, or accomplish one project, we can then use that energy to pour our efforts into the next thing with a focused energy.

Splitting our attention and our focus into different, unrelated pursuits makes us feel really good about ourselves, and like we’re accomplishing more than anyone. But it’s an inaccurate picture of what we’re really doing to ourself and our future.

Picture a circle, and from that circle are 10 different, short arrows pointing outward.

These arrows represent the different pursuits your splitting your energy into.

Now imagine if all of the amounts of effort put into those 10 different things were added to one pursuit. The result of this would leave us with skyrocketing results in the one thing we focus on.

Fired Up Mondays

122: Taking Responsibility and Control Over Your Life, Defeating Imposter Syndrome

Monday, November 9, 2020 – 27 minutes

In a time, a situation, or a even year where you feel like you have no control over anything, it’s important to take inventory over the things you can control—which may be more than you realize.

In regards to our personal journey and betterment, we can control our responses to situations presented to us. In each of us, is the ability to take responsibility over a situation when something undesirable takes place.

“Taking responsibility” should not be associated with “owning up to fault”, as it is in situations where we are not at fault that taking responsibility builds our character most. 

Deciding responsibility over a situation is deciding to be the bigger person who is going to do the right thing.

Your state of mind is your responsibility.
Your attitude is your responsibility.
The way you carry yourself.
The way your treat people.

Your response is your responsibility.

Fired Up Mondays

121: The Importance of Taking Breaks, When to Take Unpaid Time Off, How to Get an Audience to Take Action

Monday, November 2, 2020 – 33 minutes

Each week, we pick a topic to kickstart your Monday, and this week’s topic is on the taking breaks.

There have been a large number of studies conducted on the matter of breaks during the workday. A few of which we reference in the episode, particularly from the two articles, “The Importance of Taking Breaks” from The Wellbeing Thesis, and “How Do Work Breaks Help Your Brain?” from Psychology Today.

We talk about the different health and productivity benefits of taking:

– Mini-breaks (5 minutes)
– Lunch breaks (30 minutes)
– Longer breaks (1 hour)

Fired Up Mondays

120: Eliminate Bad Habits and Get Customers Excited About Old Products

Monday, October 26, 2020 – 27 minutes

Do you have habits that you revert to without thinking? Are you spending time going backwards in a specific area rather than forward due to bad habits?

This week’s topic is about getting rid of the possibility to act on a bad habit.

When you find yourself reverting to something that you know you don’t want to continue, instead of making a decision to ”be strong” and stop, look for creative ways to make it impossible to do the thing you want to stop doing.

“Goals are good for setting a direction, but systems are best for making progress.” —James Clear

We also dive into Joshua’s question (below) to discuss ways to get older products sold to your audience, without using discounts and to increase sales on those products.

Fired Up Mondays

119: Creating Digital Products for Your Online Store, Feeling Inspired About Your Job, and Getting More Word-of-Mouth Referrals

Monday, October 19, 2020 – 32 minutes

Today we talk about easy-to-make digital products that you can add to your website for additional revenue, what to do when you’re feeling unenthusiastic about your day job, and different ways to encourage word-of-mouth referrals.

What are some digital products you could make in a single evening and add to your site? What products do you currently offer on your site? Is there enough on the low-end of the spectrum of products you offer in terms of cost?

Perhaps you have your flagship service created already that brings in the majority of your income, but it’s good to expand the spectrum of products you offer for that target customer who may have different needs that you could solve with a simple digital product. But you have to know your target demographic well in order to know what they need or want and, therefore, what you should make.

Fired Up Mondays

118: Sharing Content Along Your Journey, Sending Video Surveys to Email Subscribers, and When to Invoice for Free Work

Monday, October 12, 2020 – 26 minutes

When you hear “share the journey,” what does that mean to you in terms of what content you post?

If you’re the type of person that reverts to not sharing anything, you might only share things that 100% directly related to your career goal, and weeks or even months will go by without you sharing anything during “dry spells”.

What I’ve found, as someone who defaults to not sharing anything, is that I think of “share the journey” as “share only the things that have to do with filmmaking, and nothing else.” But the truth is, if I were to share the slightly unrelated thoughts I’m having, or the projects I’m currently working on, doing so would create multiple entry points for people to get to know me, and then have a chance of following me along to my journey toward making films.

What is holding you back from sharing more? How could you create more entry points for yourself so that you can invite more people along the way?

Fired Up Mondays

117: Building a Vibrant and Active Community, and Launching Your Big Idea Without Wasting Time

Monday, September 14, 2020 – 11 minutes

How do you handle it when your big project is harder to finish than you thought? Whether you’re writing a novel or building a business, the reason most people never accomplish these things, even if they think they *want* to is… they’re really hard to do!

That being the case, go easy on yourself. Sean put it best in the Community conversation for this week’s show:

– ❌ This is so extremely difficult… there must be something wrong with me.
– ✅ This is so extremely difficult… I’m going to become a person who starts *and finishes* extremely difficult things.

If you’re starting to build a community around your work, how do you encourage people to engage without being too prescriptive—without making the participation feel forced or unnatural? Remember that, as the person who started the community, you’re responsible for its voice and its vision; you don’t need to tell people what to do or say, but you are there to guide them. Encourage the conversations you want to have more of. If they’re not happening, start them yourself!

How do you work towards the launch of your big, flagship product, without wasting a lot of time building something no one wants? It might be tempting to start off by building smaller products that funnel potential customers towards your flagship, but you might just be wasting even *more* time building things that you haven’t yet validated. The first epic session of our Presale Profits course ( will set you on the right track, teaching you how to find a product idea that solves people’s actual problems, and how to validate that idea in the one way that truly matters: getting paid for your work.

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