Don't Go Into 2017 With Split Focus

Don’t Go Into 2017 With Split Focus

If you’re like most people, you have big plans for 2017. I know I do.

You probably have lots of plans. Maybe you call them resolutions—or maybe you hate the idea of resolutions.

Either way, you have things you want to accomplish in the coming year.

How did the year go for you?

Roll back the clock to December of 2015. What were the things you wanted to accomplish?

It’s been a year now… how much did you actually end up accomplishing?

It’s easy to plan, but it’s hard to take action. Most likely you have no shortage of plans (in fact, you had LOTS of plans), but you didn’t make the kind of progress you wanted.

The amount of things you accomplished in 2016 was directly correlated to the amount of focus you had.

It’s pretty simple:

  • Low focus, low achievement.
  • High focus, high achievement.

As I mentioned in an email recently, FOCUS is the most important quality of success according to Warren Buffet and Bill Gates.

If you’re satisfied with your productivity level from 2016 being duplicated in 2017, close this tab. There’s nothing here for you.

If you want to increase your productivity, focus, and clarity to get more done in the next year, read on.

Your Level of Focus = Your Level of Success

Yes, in the short term, things like eliminating distractions and preventing interruptions are important.

But focus “tips & tricks” blog posts and articles are a dime a dozen.

Shawn was talking about this in the training video I sent you.


I’m not just talking about “hacks” for focusing.

The kind of focus I’m referring to is deeper than that.

Big Questions You Need to Answer

These questions can be scary, but take a moment and think about them:

  • Who are you?
  • What’s important to you?
  • Are you currently spending your energy on the right things?
  • What are your values?
  • What are you trying to achieve?
  • How are you going to accomplish your goals?
  • What is your life vision?

Yes, these are big questions and they can be daunting.

It’s tempting to shove them down and try not to think about them.

But if you don’t spend time figuring out the answers now, you’re going to waste all of 2017 working on things that don’t matter—things that don’t move the needle in the long run.

Two things to consider:

  1. It’s not possible to get answers and clarity overnight.
  2. It is possible to get answers and clarity with time and a proven model for helping you focus.

I told you about The Focus Course by my friend Shawn Blanc. I don’t often promote other people’s programs (you know this). I’m much more inclined to build something myself most of the time.

But Shawn is an exception. What he’s created is a time-tested curriculum for bringing about incredible clarity and focus in your life so you can do your most important work.


No More Spinning Your Wheels

Have you ever felt like you’re not making any real progress? You work and work and work but it seems like you’re not really getting anything done.

You feel like you’re not getting any closer to reaching your goal. It seems like it’s always out of reach. And heck, you’re not even really sure you’re reaching for the right thing.

What should you be focusing on?

There’s so many things you could be doing, it all just feels overwhelming.

Ever find yourself wishing you had more time in a day?

That’s what lack of clarity feels like.

When you act on lack of clarity, you move in circles. It seems like you’re progressing, but months—or even years—later, you find yourself in the same spot.

That’s the problem Shawn has successfully solved with The Focus Course. He’s codified the process of eliminating distractions, finding clarity, and focusing intently on your most important work.

I highly recommend checking out the course:


Check out The Focus Course