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Social media. It’s a mess out there. It’s noisy, it’s cluttered. There’s even a plugin you can get that removes the entire feed from Facebook.

But here’s the truth: If you’re not on social media, you’re going to lose.

Social media used to be all about friends. You meet someone, you add them. You know someone, you add them.

It’s not like that anymore. You follow your interests, not your friends. People hate the noise, so they block it out. Facebook added “mute” so you could “stay friends” but not have to listen to the wild political rants of your friend’s mom that you’ve only met once.

Presence on a social platform is not just about posting whatever you want, it’s about connecting with the people who want to connect with your brand. We talk about the importance of brand consistency and why scheduling matters when it comes to your activity on social media.

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