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It seems that everyone has a million-dollar idea these days.

You have an amazing concept for the next big company, product, or startup, and so you scribble your thoughts out excitedly on a piece of paper. Over the next few months you write up a business plan, get other people excited about your idea, and you can’t wait to make it happen.

Then something happens.

The planning stage never seems to end. A few months go by but you’re not quite ready to get into production because you want it to be absolutely perfect. You want the best end result possible, and so everything has to be just perfect. Except now it’s been three years and you still haven’t done anything about that idea, and five other companies have risen up in your place, leaving your million-dollar idea obsolete.

Planning only works if we act upon the plans and actually do something about it. The greatest inventions of all time weren’t birthed out of someone just looking at the blueprints: the inventor actually had to move forward and create it.

In this episode we dissect some of the common reasons for the paralysis that keeps us in planning mode and how to finally move forward and achieve our goals.

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