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The way we communicate to our audiences online is typically referred to as messaging. The copy you write, the images you use, and the overall direction of your brand material is sending various messages to the people who see it.

Today’s online audiences have statistically short attention spans. It takes less than 5 seconds for a visitor to determine if they are going to stay on a website or find something else to do. If they aren’t convinced they need to stay, they won’t.

There are a lot of reasons people may not be staying longer on your website, or why they’re not reading your promotional material. The fault doesn’t lie with their attention spans, it lies with your messaging.

Everything about your content needs to draw in your target audience. It has to be attractive, it has to be specific, and it needs to meet them where they are at.

In today’s episode we’re going to be talking about how to audit your brand’s copy to determine if it’s chasing users away, and some of the problems to watch out for so you can convert more prospects into buying customers.

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