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When it comes to creating anything of value, whether it’s products or content, there are usually two trains of thought: produce as much as you can and ship it quickly, or produce in smaller quantities with higher quality.

The “ship much, ship quick” mindset is about expanding fast, reaching as many people as possible with as many things as possible. It promotes having a minimum viable product and getting something out the door as fast as possible.

The “ship fewer, ship better” mindset emphasizes quality and care, putting more time into perfecting what you do put out there, but may limit how many people you can actually reach.

This also applies in a larger way to audience reach. You may be able to “reach” large amounts of people, but the trade-off might be the quality of what you can produce.

On today’s show we’ll be talking about finding balance between quality and quantity and how to tell if you’re diluting your brand by reaching too far.

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