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Everyone wants to scale, whether it’s in profit, audience size, influence, skill, or some other type of gain. Scale prevents stagnation, so in order to remain relevant, you must grow or improve in some way.

How you do business changes as you scale, and the details that were once easy to implement are now much more complicated. Because the nature of your business changes, the ways you interact with your customers and clients must also change.

A lot of companies have had this experience: when they were smaller, they could give every order the care it deserved and treat each customer like they were their only one.

However, as they scaled, and as twenty orders a month became a hundred orders a day, they simply couldn’t give the kind of attention to each order as they used to.

It’s the same if you have a smaller audience. While it was once easy to respond with multiple paragraphs to every email that came in, your inbox sits cluttered and covered with cobwebs because it’s dozens if not hundreds every day.

Aaron Dowd joins the show to discuss how to do the “unscalable”, how to make every customer feel like they’re the most important person to your company, and what the unscalable things do for your brand.

Things You’ll Learn
  • What it means to do the unscalable things.
  • Why you shouldn’t shy away from scaling your brand.
  • How doing the unscalable can help you stand out.
  • The benefits of having a smaller audience or customer base.
  • The one thing you can do to improve your brand.
  • The simple ways you can practice doing the unscalable in your brand.
  • What you should seek to add to the lives of others.
  • How to show care and continue showing care as your company grows.
  • Why you should do the unscalable, even when it’s difficult.

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