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You’d love if people paid above and beyond your competition to get your product or work with your business. What wouldn’t feel great about someone saying they’d be happy to pay more to work with you?

But what if they said they opposite?

What if someone said they were more than happy to pay extra to not buy your product?

That would feel, well, a little less great.

In today’s show, we’ll talk about how to identify problems that would cause people to want to avoid your brand, and how to address the issue of conflicting values between you and your target customers.

Things You’ll Learn
  • Why people will pay extra to avoid using a brand.
  • Where the culture of a brand stems from and why that should matter to you.
  • Why you won’t attract everyone to your brand.
  • The one reason you might not be able to reach your audience.
  • What you need to consider before you push a divisive issue that is important to you.

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